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  • MCAS Results Show Income, Race Continue to Affect Student Performance

    MCAS Results Show Income, Race Continue to Affect Student Performance1

    • NEWS
    • November 29, 2017

    By Doug Page This year’s recently released MCAS results show, with few exceptions, that children from high-income communities outperformed their less-advantaged peers, and a demographic achievement gap continues to persist. Demographically, Asian and white students performed best, according to information provided by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), which administers the test

  • State Official Offers Update on MCAS 2.0

    State Official Offers Update on MCAS 2.01

    Editor’s Note: Our reporter Doug Page caught up the Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester at a recent Askwith Forum at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Cambridge. This is an edited transcript of that interview. baystateparent: When will you have a decision on MCAS 2.0 test, which I guess is still under

  • The Mystery of MCAS 2.0

    The Mystery of MCAS 2.00

    Massachusetts public school students in Grades 3-8 will take the new MCAS 2.0 test in just four months, yet state education officials still haven’t publicly detailed the breakdown of Common Core vs. non-Common Core questions on the exam. The hybrid test approach, in which the annual exam would be a mix of Common Core-aligned questions

  • Massachusetts Public Schools: Achievement & Controversy

    Massachusetts Public Schools: Achievement & Controversy0

    If states earned medals for the accomplishment, Massachusetts would be awarded the gold for the way it transformed its K-12 public schools, making them some of the country’s best over the past 20 years. But that improvement has not come without controversy and critics.    Much of the progress is attributable to the state legislature

  • Board of Education Accepts New Standardized Test for 2017: ‘MCAS 2.0’

    Board of Education Accepts New Standardized Test for 2017: ‘MCAS 2.0’1

    • NEWS
    • December 1, 2015

    The Massachusetts Board of Education (BOE) has settled the contentious debate over which standardized test Bay State public school children will take by splitting the difference, approving Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester’s recommendation to use a hybrid test, composed of questions from the controversial, Common Core-aligned PARCC exam along with those from the homegrown MCAS test.   Dubbed “MCAS

  • Common Core Opposition Gains Momentum in Massachusetts

    Common Core Opposition Gains Momentum in Massachusetts0

    From the Connecticut River Valley to Beacon Hill, a growing chorus of Bay Staters — teachers, parents, school administrators, and even elected officials — are speaking out against Common Core and its aligned PARCC test, but it’s uncertain if there’s enough resistance to stop it. The opposition starts with proposed legislation, sponsored by State Rep. Marjorie