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  • Landmark Boston Ballet Program Brings Dance to All

    Landmark Boston Ballet Program Brings Dance to All0

    Boston Ballet’s groundbreaking Adaptive Dance program celebrated its 15th anniversary this year and continues to empower students with disabilities — and their families — in incredible, unexpected ways extending far beyond the studio. “This has been better than anything I could have ever hoped for,” said Monika Ostroff, whose 10-year-old daughter Danniah is beginning her third

  • Is Your Child Exhausted?

    Is Your Child Exhausted?0

    I don’t know about you, but when I’m exhausted my emails usually have a lot of typos. I pause too often in conversation trying to catch my thought. I may very well bite your head off if you ask me to do something — anything. Do you know when your child is exhausted? And I’m

  • Co-parenting and extracurricular activities

    Co-parenting and extracurricular activities1

    Whether parents have separated or divorced, parenting plans are essential documents in order to outline each of the co-parent’s rights and responsibilities as it relates to raising their children. Certain provisions — parenting time, pickups and drop-offs, and how the parents will address the physical, emotional, mental, and educational needs of the child — appear