Breastfeeding: By The Numbers

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

Check out these 10 stats and facts in honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month

81.1%:   The number of Bay State moms who ever breastfed. That’s above the national average

BY six months,67.9%percent of Massachusetts moms are breastfeeding, 19.9% exclusively

#8:Massachusetts’ ranking in states where mothers are breastfeeding at 12 months

87:   The Bay State’s Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition & Care score (mPINC), which ranges from 1-100 and represents the level at which birth facilities provide maternity care supportive of breastfeeding

50:  The number of states that have laws specifically allowing moms to breastfeed in any public orprivate location

500:  The number of additional calories per day breastfeeding women are encouraged to consume 

On average,babies remove67%of the milk mama has available—they eat until fullness, not until the breast is emptied

75:   The percent of women who produce more milk in their right breast

Breastfeeding  mamas sleep on average45 minutes more a night, compared to those who formula feed

1 Degree:  A mother’s breasts can detect this small of a change in baby’s body temperature and adjust accordingly to heat up or cool down baby as needed