Household responsibilities you can teach your kids

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Baystateparent Magazine
Baystateparent Magazine

It might sound like an outlandish idea, but you can reduce your stress at home by putting your kids in charge of some household chores. Not only can parents get some help around the house, giving your kids some responsibility and teaches them confidence.

According to child development specialists, it’s important for parents to find a balance between supporting and enabling with responsibilities. Parents should also be sure that tasks are not too difficult for your child to accomplish.

Here are some tasks you can assign your kids to help around the house:

1. Have your child set the table for dinner or help clear plates

2. Walking the dog

3. Washing the dishes

4. Cleaning the bathroom

5. Find friendly recipes and have them plan and cook a meal once a week

6. Have them plant and maintain a garden and choose the vegetables

7. Putting the groceries away

8. Follow a schedule to feed pets

9. Sweep, mop and vacuum

10. Help put clean clothes into piles for each family member, ready to fold