Stay-at-home toys from Fisher-Price put playtime into the coronavirus pandemic

Mike Snider, USA Today
The My Home Office set includes a toy laptop, toy smartphone, headset and coffee cup.

The newest Fisher-Price toys let kids play along with their parents who, as part of the coronavirus pandemic, are working from home and doing other stay-at-home activities.

These new play sets let kids play like they also are working from home, exercising in the house, and spending more time in the kitchen – just like their parents.

Babies and toddlers can play along with adults with these toys "that turn every day grown-up activities into, well, toys," says Chuck Scothon, senior vice president of Fisher-Price and Mattel's global head of infant and preschool, in a blog post announcing them. "This collection features a number of actions that kids are seeing the adults in their lives do now more than ever."

The new Fisher-Price toys include:

My Home Office Set ($24.99, available for pre-order) comes with a toy laptop with changeable fabric apps for the screen, toy smartphone, headset and coffee cup.

The Cutest Chef Gift Set ($14.99, available now) has a chef's apron bib, chewable oven mitt, tongs with a spinning meatball and a recipe card.

Baby Biceps Gift Set ($14.99, available now) includes a headband, play dumbbell and kettlebell, plus a pretend protein shake drink cup. 

Tiny Tourist Gift Set ($14.99, available now) to make staycations feel like a game. The set includes a toy camera with a clicking lens and rattling beads, sunscreen bottle, a mirror and a chewable teething “passport." This was released earlier in the year.

Fisher-Price toy designers used popular social media hashtags – #food, #fitness and #staycations – as inspiration for the new products which are meant to tickle adults as well as kids, Scothon says.

"We’ve always been focused on making playtime more fun by infusing surprising and playful elements into our toys," he said. "In the infant and preschool categories especially, we have deliberately focused on introducing toys that get parents and caregivers laughing too."

Other Fisher-Price and Mattel toys announced during the pandemic included action figures and figurines of doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, grocery workers and delivery drivers. The company also released new Matchbox vehicles including delivery vans and a garbage truck, plus play sets including a police cruiser with a police officer and medical personnel.