Helping young children get used to wearing a face mask

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

We know that it is difficult to encourage adults to wear masks... let alone children. But, children are surprisingly good at learning new things. Here are tips from Amanda M. Simanek, Ph.D., MPH, associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Zilber School of Public Health on some things you can do to help encourage children to wear a mask:

Let them pick. 

Have your children pick out masks made from fabric that feature a book, TV, or movie characters they like.

Explain why.

Have them watch videos on why and how to wear a mask that are aimed toward kids (see an example on the Dear Pandemic Facebook page.)

Be consistent.

Set consistent rules for when and where masks need to be worn and stick to them.

Be a role model.

Model good mask-wearing behavior for your child.

Give kudos.

Offer praise and rewards for good mask compliance.