Help your kids avoid summer brain drain

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

Summer is here and kids all around the country are looking forward to not having to worry about any schoolwork, but while children do need a break from learning to help them refresh, parents should be mindful of the summer brain drain or the summer slide or the learning leek that can happen over the break from school.

Many studies have shown that most students lose two months of mathematical skills and reading progress every summer. It is also a time when parents struggle to find productive things for their children to do.

Although the thought of your child losing any progress over the summer can be concerning, author and founder, Elizabeth Kanna said parents should “stop worrying about learning loss.”

According to Kanna, the best way to battle the summer brain drain is to foster curiosity with child-led explorations.

Step 1: Ask your kids what they’d like to do - then take a deep dive. There is time for them to pursue their passions and interests, like reading a series of books or building a backyard fort.

Step 2: Read, read, read. Start the day off with books on their favored topic. Let them pick the book. You can read to them, they can read it themselves or use an audible book program.

Step 3: Plan activities around their interest. The activities should be fun, child-led, family-oriented, light and decompressing.