How to keep your kids occupied on a budget

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

Keeping your kids occupied throughout the winter months can be a challenge. Keeping your kids occupied on a budget can be extremely challenging.

During the week, your kids are busy with school and don’t has much free time, but the weekends are different and kids are bound to reach the point of boredom more quickly. Another difficulty is affording activities. Here are a few ways to keep your kids occupied without breaking the bank:

1. Use the playground: Take advantage of playgrounds near your home. To extend your stay at the park, go on a scavenger hunt or bring along sporting equipment to get a friendly game going.

2. Take a hike: Most hiking spots are generally free. Have your kids dump out their school backpacks and use them to pack and carry supplies while you go exploring. Be sure to include a first-aid kit.

3. Low- or no-cost programs: Most towns and cities offer a number of cheap a free options like mini sports programs, free movies or free activities at the local library.

4. Host some playdates: Invite other kids to your house to entertain your kids. Spring for a few snacks for the kids and parents and allow a group of children to serve as entertainment for each other.

5. Explore local attractions: Many attractions such as zoos and aquariums offer free admission days during the off-season. Investigate the offers your favorite attractions have.