How to help your kids with public speaking

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

Chances are your children will be asked to make a presentation during their schooling years. While for some, the researching, organizing and planning of a presentation might be exciting, getting up in front of their classmates to make a presentation might be a nightmare.

Although the fear of public speaking is incredibly common, research has shown that students who are comfortable speaking in public are better prepared for life. The benefits can include improved academic performance in classes, an increase of listening skills, courage to voice options and influence others for good, can empower them to overcome a fear and prepare them for the future in adulthood.

Here are a few activities according to to help your kids practice speaking in public:

1. Observe the journey: While out driving or walking or on public transport, ask your child to describe as much of their surroundings as they can within one minutes. Get them to think about shapes, close and what is happening.

2. The Woof Game: Choose a common word like “it” or “be.” Provide your child with a topic to speak on for 30 seconds. Every time the chosen word is to appear in their speech they should replace it with “woof.” Will help kids think on their feet.

3. Imaginary animal: With a group of family members or neighborhood friends, ask each group member to think of an animal and give them on minute to think of how to describe the animal. then each member must be questioned by their fellow members on the size, color(s), habitat and other attributes until discovering what animal it is.