Retro-Themed Gifts That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine
Custom RetroViewer by Image3D

Looking to gift some nostalgia this holiday season? Journey back in time with these five finds. Each puts a modern spin on one of a decade’s most popular products.

‘50s Throwback: Roller Skates

Reminisce on simpler days, when a night out meant burgers in the Chevy, music on the jukebox, and a waitress whizzing by on skates. Circle Society has unveiled a new line of retro-inspired adjustable roller skates, with fun prints ranging from cotton candy hues to cool checkered designs. Keeping the spirit of classic roller skates while adding modern technology, Instagram-ready details, and bold colors make for a throwback gift that’s fun and fashionable. All skates will be available in a U.S. youth 12-3 or kids 3-7 sizes (ages 5 to 14). Available at Target and $49.99. 

‘60s Throwback: The ViewMaster

One of childhood’s greatest gadget’s has gotten an upgrade. RetroViewer allows you to create a custom retro reel viewer with your own photos. Upload your photos online and get custom-made reel with 3D captions. Each set also includes a viewer and box. Available at $29.99 per set.

‘70s Throwback: Jenga

Based on an incredibly simple concept, Jenga is one of those ‘board’ games that will never go out of style. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for the classic, first introduced in the 1970s, to bring something new to the table. Enter Jenga GIANT, the biggest Jenga game ever, stacking to over 5-feet high. The new version of the game also comes with tournament charts for competitive play, making it truly feel like a sport. What better way to get your game on with family this season? Recommended for ages 12+. Available at $149.95.

‘80s Throwback: Hydro Strike

Bring back family game night! Pressman Toy Corporation is reintroducing some timeless classics this season, including ‘80s fave Hydro Strike. In this head-to-head pinball game, players need fast flipping fingers to shoot the ball into their opponent’s goal. When players score, their opponent gets a surprising spray of water to the face. It’s sure to make a splash with kids in 2018. Available at Target and $26.99.

‘90s Throwback: The Inflatable Chair

The youth of America may have been born after 2006, but their parents (and fun aunts and uncles) will fully appreciate this nostalgic throwback to the times of butterfly clips and Jonathan Taylor Thomas hysteria. The newest in funky seating options comes from Mainstays Kids, with these Inflatable Chairs that are filled with gold holographic foil glitter. Each chair comes with a Blow Dryer Adapter; an extension you simply attach to a blow dryer and within minutes, you have a fully inflated chill zone. Suitable for ages 4-12. Available at Walmart and $19.98.