DIY: Not Your 'Garden-Variety' Spoons

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

Garden stakes are both fun and functional: an easy means for adding a pop of décor to your garden, and, of course, a way to label your growing plants. There are endless ways to create your own custom garden stakes using simple, often recycled, items. You can print or paint on rocks, corks, wood, bricks… the list goes on and on. Get creative!

 These Wooden Spoon Garden Stakes, made by baystateparent Creative Director Paula Ethier, are a great craft for children and a fun way to get them excited about gardening. Wooden utensils are inexpensive (we scored a 5-pack from a Dollar Store), and can be decorated in any way you choose. Paint on faces, vegetables, names, etc., and finish them off with a coat of Mod Podge Outdoor. Use them in your own garden or potted plants, or give them away as an adorable handmade gift.

You will need:

-Variety of Wooden Spoons

-Acrylic Paint-Various Size Paint Brushes*

-Mod Podge Outdoor

-Throw-away Sponge Brushes for Mod Podge

-Paper Plate for Mixing Paint

-Clay pots are optonal. Spoons can be planted right in the ground

* The better the paint brush the easier it is to paint small details such as faces