10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

1. Keep clutter off the counters. Only keep things on your counter that you use every day. A counter filled with appliances and gadgets looks messy and it is difficult to clean quickly.

2. Use microfiber cloths to clean all the surfaces in your kitchen. There are two types of microfiber. One is a large looped cloth that is great for picking up crumbs and dirt. The other one is a fine woven cloth that is similar to those you get at your eye doctor; this one is great for cleaning chrome or other shiny appliances like stainless steel or black-fronted appliances. With these two cloths, you can speed through a kitchen in just a few minutes

3. Use a microfiber mop and a spray bottle of diluted cleaner to wash your floor. I call this “bucket-less mopping.” Use a damp microfiber mop head on the end of the mop, spray an area with the cleaner, and wipe. You can mop a large kitchen in just minutes.

4. Always keep your sink free of dirty dishes. I recommend running your dishwasher at night, emptying it in the morning, and having it ready for dirty dishes all day. When someone is done with a dish or cup, it should go straight into the dishwasher.

5. Keep your sink clean during the day. You can do this by wiping it with a microfiber cloth so it is clean and shiny every time you look at it.

6. When working on your stove, clean up messes immediately. Don’t let them harden and dry, which takes much more work clean.

7. Clean windows over the sink (if you have them) on a weekly basis. Water spots and grease accumulate and can make the entire kitchen look dark and grimy.

8. If you only have a minimal amount of time, wipe fingerprints off the fridge handles and the microwave. You’ll be surprised how “clean” this little tip will make your kitchen look.

9. Dust or wipe off light fixtures, including the bulbs. Kitchens should be bright and cheerful. Dust dims the lights and makes things look dull.

10. Empty and wash your trash container weekly. Food particles and moisture collect on the bottom of the garbage bag and can start to rot inside the can. Washing it out weekly will stop smells and keep the container fresh. Bad smells make a kitchen feel dirty.

Massachusetts mom Leslie Reichert is known as the Green Cleaning Coach and is aiming to change the world — "one spray bottle at a time." A national lecturer and author of The Joy Of Green Cleaning, you can find her at greencleaningcoach.com, on Facebook (GreenCleaningCoach), Twitter (@GreenCleanCoach), and Pinterest (cleaningcoach).