Cool Kitchen Gear & Gifts for Adults and Kids

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

If you want to give a gift that will be well-loved and enjoyed, food and kitchen gear are always a big hit — with adults and kids. Check out these top picks for affordable gifts for the foodie in your life.

You know what people love any time of the year? Desserts. One size deliciously fits all. Gourmet treats, such as Chocolate Chunk Brownies, Molasses Clove Cookies, Snickerdoodles, and a host of other Dancing Deer favorites are a slam dunk for far-away relatives, hostess gifts, teachers, or pretty much anyone on your list. Affordable and indulgent — that’s a winning combination.

Krups GX5000 Burr Grinder


Save your favorite java junkie a bundle this coming year by allowing them to grind their own beans at home via this practical appliance from Krups. The GX5000 features nine grind levels from coarse (french press and cold brew) to fine (espresso). The cup selector ensures it will grind enough beans, from 2 to 12 cups, so you get just as much as you need, but not more than you want.

Cold brew coffee has gone mainstream in a big way, thanks to fans who say the process produces a smoother, less-acidic drink. The only drawback of make-your-own cold brew is the prep time; in many cases it needs to sit 12+ hours to yield the taste people love. Dripo, the 2-in-1 Travel Iced-Drip Coffee Maker & Tumbler, solves that by slashing the brew time to 2 hours and brewing it right in what will become your drink container. The three-step brewing process is simple, and the ability to take Dripo on the go and make and enjoy cold brew anywhere is a huge bonus for fans.

Cookies for Santa Set


Outfit the young baker in your life with everything they need via this adorable set from Handstand Kitchen. It’s loaded with 18 pieces, including cookie cutters, presses, a turner, frosting bottle, spatula, mixing spoon, pastry brush, and five recipe cards. And remember, getting kids in the kitchen not only provides bonding time and delicious food, but also an opportunity for little ones to work on numbers, math, problem solving, and fine motor skills.

If there’s something wine lovers enjoy as much as the grape, it’s wine accessories. Cork Pops offers up a fun entry this season with its Wine Glass Writer, markers that can write on — and wash off — a wine glass. The markers work on glass, crystal, and glazed ceramics and wipe off with a soapy sponge. A fun way to keep track of whose glass is whose or just doodle, it’s also an affordable, unique Yankee Swap gift.

Taco Truck Fun Kit


Let the kids turn your kitchen into a hip food truck with this cooking set from Kidstir. The kit comes packed with three recipes, two kitchen utensils, and a little learning via fun fact cards on Mexican food, menu math, and a Spanish word game. While the Taco Truck Fun Kit can be purchased solo, Kidstir also offers a monthly subscription service to its unique cooking kits to keep kids in the kitchen all year long

Up the cool cred in your kitchen with this tempered-glass replica of Steve Roger’s famous shield. Armed with non-skid feet and measuring 13 1/4” in diameter, this easy-to-clean cutting board is stain-, heat- and odor-resistant and provides a hygienic — and fun — work surface for your food adventures.

StubbyStrip and StubbyStrip Vino

$14.95, $24.95

Forget dragging around heavy coolers, StubbyStrip provides a new streamlined way to bring your beverages on the go. Slide up to seven sodas, waters, sports drinks, or adult beverages into the Neoprene slots, a frozen water bottle in the middle, Velcro the roll, and you’re ready to go. Slots can be removed from the Velcro wrap with the beverages, giving you a built-in coozie. As the drinks disappear, pull the strip tighter to keep everything cold and compact. When all the slots are empty, roll StubbyStrip up, and it fits into your pocket — no heavy cooler to lug home. For wine lovers, The Vino holds up to four bottles. Not a wine fan? Use the slots to tote your mixers and liquor and turn it into a portable bar.