Ripe Bites: April Food News & Products

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A New Take on Turkey Burgers

If you’re sick of the same-old turkey burger, Diestel Ground Turkey has new tastes in store for you with fresh turkey burger recipes. Check out Sundried Tomato & Basil Turkey Burgers below and head to to get three additional recipes: BBQ, Tex-Mex, and Easy-Style.

Sundried Tomato & Basil Turkey Burgers


• 1 lb. ground turkey

• 1/2 cup onion, finely chopped

• 1/3 cup basil, minced

• 1/3 cup sundried tomatoes packed

in oil, drained and chopped

• 2 oz. Asiago cheese grated

(about 1/2 cup)

• 2 Tbsp tomato paste

• 2 cloves garlic, minced

• 1 egg white, lightly beaten

• 1 tsp salt

• 1/4 tsp pepper


Mix all ingredients together, except turkey, until well-blended. Mix in turkey and blend well. Form four patties. Barbecue or grill on both sides until no pink remains in the center. Serve on buns with your favorite condiments.

Get Your BBQ Ready for Spring

It only takes a few simple steps to prep your grill for a long, productive season.

“After a long winter in storage — or a winter where you have been grilling throughout the cold — follow a few simple steps to improve the life and performance of your grill,” advises Stephen Schroeter, senior vice president of Napoleon Grills (

Clean the cooking grids and searing plates. Soak the cooking grills in warm water and soap before giving them a good cleaning to get rid of the grease and food crust that has been burnt on. While searing grids are soaking, remove the heat shields (give them a good scrape as well) so you can run a barbecue brush over the burners. This is also a good time to check the igniter and rear burner to make sure all is in working order.

Clean the grease cup. The more you use your grill, the more you will have to clean or replace your grease cup. Before firing up the grill, take out the old and put in a new one.

Scrape off the grease tray. All grease and food remnants from past meals collect on and char the grease tray. No need to get out the soap and water for this one, but give it a good scrape with a spatula or putty knife to clean off all the bits.

Check for leaks. Inspect your hose and fittings to ensure everything is in order and that there are no leaks. Do a soap test to be safe: In a spray bottle or small bowl, mix one-part water to one-part dish soap. Apply the mixture (spritz it or apply with a small brush) to all fittings. Make sure your lid is open and all the control knobs are turned off. Turn on your gas — any growing bubbles are a sign of a leak that needs to be addressed.

Dental Gel for Dye-Sensitive Families

Half-a-million children in the U.S. suffer adverse reactions to dyes contained in many food products, including several leading brands of toothpaste.

An edible dental gel called LIVFREE Livionex Dental Gel is color-free, dye-free, and made with an activated FDA-approved food-grade preservative called edathamil that’s commonly used in vitamins and food. Stevia, real peppermint, menthol, and natural stabilizers are added to create an edible dental-cleansing agent that attacks plaque and cleans teeth.

More information can be found at, where LIVFREE can be purchased starting at $22.

Shop Better with ShopWell

If you’re looking to shop and meal plan more nutritiously, there’s a free app for that: ShopWell.

Designed by registered dietitians, ShopWell ( learns the health goals and food allergies of the whole family, interprets food labels, and suggests better-for-you alternatives in local stores.

New features include:

• Profiles for each family member

• New bar code scanner that quickly decodes food labels

• Even smarter product suggestions based on personal health goals, allergies, and where you shop

• Analysis of your purchase history, making discovering better food options easier

ShopWell is also ad-free and available at the Google Play or iTunes App Store.

Portion Control Made Easy

Portion control is a key component to healthy eating, and Bentology makes that super simple with its new PortionPerfect Weight Loss Kit.

The Bento (a meal container with divided sections commonly found in Japanese cuisine) comes with five compartments (ranging from 1¼ cups for lean proteins to 1/8 cups for healthy fats) that also offer pre-portioned containers for vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. The kit also comes with a 20-page Portion Perfect Weight-loss Workbook and a Website, The PortionPerfect Weight Loss Kit starts at $22.99, with options for an insulated sleeve or insulated tote.

Dusting With Only Microfiber

By Leslie Reichert

Do you dust your furniture with a yellow rag that is treated with some type of smelly chemical and a can of dusting spray? This system includes spraying the furniture and then wiping (for what seems to be hours) until the oil is worked into the wood.

We love to see our furniture look like it just came out of a showroom, but it takes forever to dust like this. Plus, you can’t touch any of the furniture, since you’ll leave oily fingerprints everywhere and that means doing the entire piece of furniture all over again!

I’m excited to say that technology has re-invented the chore of dusting. Now there is the wonderful invention of microfiber that makes dusting what is should be — removing dust without chemicals.

Microfiber was actually produced in the 1950s, but back then it wasn’t something that had much use due to the way it was made. Sweden was the first country to start using microfiber for cleaning, and the rest of Europe has been using it for decades. Here in the U.S., we still consider microfiber a “new technology.”

The beauty of microfiber is that it has threads that are machine-cut and act like fish gills that hold the dirt and dust inside the cloth until you put it into the washing machine. Once in the wash, the dust is released into the water and you have a perfectly clean cloth to use the next time you clean.

Dusting with microfiber is extremely easy. Wipe a microfiber cloth over the piece of furniture you are trying to clean and the dust will stay in the microfiber cloth. If it’s really dusty, you can spritz a little water on the cloth and it will pick up all the dust. The best part of dusting with microfiber is nothing oily is left on the furniture, which keeps it cleaner longer.

By not using a dusting product, your furniture will stay cleaner. Oils and waxes attract dust, which means you have to dust more often. Microfiber and water will let you clean less often, which is really what you want, right?