Creative DIY Fun: It’s In The Bank

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

A staple of most children’s bedrooms, the money box, or more commonly known piggy bank, far predates financial institutions, with the animal nickname stemming from an unexpected place.

During the Middle Ages, people began keeping their money in household pots made from an orange clay known as pygg. According to, the banks were known as “pygg pots.” By the 1800s, European potters began creating the pots in the shape of a pig, a play on words that continues to this day.

Money boxes have been found and dated back as far as 2 BC Greece, the earliest in the shape of a Greek temple bearing a slit at the top, making stashing money in a safe place a longstanding tradition and necessity.

If you’re looking for some simple and inexpensive DIY fun, decorate a money box for a lucky recipient. A trip to your local craft store can yield limitless ideas that can be personalized for savers of all ages (kids, teens, family, friends, or grandparents) or with themes coordinated with savings goals (Disney, golf trip, girls’ weekend, family vacation, Grandma’s mad money for the casino, etc). Most money boxes, like those above, can be assembled in a half-hour and for less than $20 in supplies. And, just a reminder, these are for decoration only — not for play.

Supplies for both banks

• 8x8 glass Krafty Blok

• Alphabet stickers (scrapbooking stickers work well)

To make the Ballerina Bank you will also need:

• Silk flowers • Tulle • Needle and thread • Glue gun


• Attach letters across the front of the blok to create name.

• Gather tulle at top with needle and thread to create a “tutu.” Wrap tutu around the bottom of the blok and sew ends together.

• Glue silk flowers to top of bank and tutu.

To make the Jungle Bank you will also need:

• Christmas garland • Wire cutters

• Wire • Ribbon and jute

• Pre-painted wood Lion decoration

• 2-sided Velcro • Glue gun


• Attach letters across the front of the blok to create name.

• Cut length of garland to fit around the base of the bank.

• Wire garland ends together around base.

• Attach lion to bank with Velcro.

• Embellished the top with garland, ribbon and, or jute.