Viva 'Encanto'! 15 fun toys, games and costumes for fans of the film

Marah Eakin
We don’t talk about Bruno, but we can totally talk about how cute these toys are

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Encanto might have hit theaters late last year, but it only just landed on Disney+ and has been picking up a considerable amount of steam in the streaming world. There are Tik Tok dances to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” mom memes about how many times they’ve watched the movie with their kids and even a considerable amount of Oscar buzz for both the movie and the film’s original songs, which were penned by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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For those only just diving into the magical world of Encanto, there’s much to be explored, and not just in the movie. As always, Disney has produced a whole slew of toys, games and other items inspired by the film. Here are our favorite things to have around your very own casita. 

1. The actual movie

Meet the Madrigals, a tight-knit family with magical secrets that will  leave you on the edge of your seat!

Anyone who wants to celebrate Encanto will need to actually own Encanto. The movie doesn’t officially hit DVD and Blu-Ray until February, but it’s available to pre-order now. It’s also already streaming anywhere movies can be found, including, of course, Disney+. 

2. The film’s incredible songs

The fun doesn't have to end just because the movie is over. Stream 'Encanto's' entire magical soundtrack.

Encanto wouldn’t really be Encanto without the driving, joyful songs of Lin-Manuel Miranda. The film’s entire soundtrack is available to stream on Spotify, but for those who still cling to physical media, there’s also a CD version and a Walmart-exclusive limited edition picture LP.

3. A casita of your very own

Home–or casita–is where the heart is.

By far the most impressive of the Encanto toys is the large playset inspired by the film’s incredible Casa Madrigal. With three floors and seven rooms, the two-sided playset is packed with light, sound and music features, including some that are only activated by the Mirabel doll included with the set. Aunt Pepa gets her own weather-changing elevator, Antonio and Isabel get their magical doors and there’s even a staircase that turns into a slide for Mirabel, just like in the movie.

Get the Magical Madrigal House playset from Amazon for $78.99

4. Your very own Family Madrigal

Consider these handheld Madrigals to be your own personal source of magic.

The Casa Madrigal playset might come with its own Mirabel, but it just wouldn’t be the film’s enchanting casita without the rest of the gang. The Ultimate Magical Family gift set isn’t entirely complete—it’s missing a few family members, like Dolores and dads—but it should at least spark some fun while you fill in the rest of the crew. 

Get the Ultimate Magical Family gift set from Target for $34.99

5. A very musical Mirabel

Bring along Mirabel Madrigal to sing, to chat or just accompany you on a long ride.

Anyone who loves Encanto’s Mirabel—and who doesn’t, really?—probably loves her signature song, “The Family Madrigal.” Disney knew that, and that’s why the company made multiple singing Mirabel dolls, including one that just belts out “The Family Madrigal.” There’s also a Mirabel that holds a butterfly and not only sings, but also says 15 different phrases from the movie.

Not into singing? Don’t worry: There’s a super cute (and silent) Mirabel available as well.

6. An Encanto goodie for dreamers

Wishing you sweet sueños in these awesome pajamas.

Want to eat, sleep and breathe Encanto? There are multiple pairs of Encanto pajamas, so at least Disney’s got you covered on the sleep part. Kids can snuggle up in a Mirabel-emblazoned nightshirt made to resemble the character’s skirt, ruffles and all. Antonio fans can also choose a set of animal covered PJ Pals jammies featuring the phrase “group chat,” which doesn’t really make sense with the movie, but the jammies are super cute, so who cares? 

7. A Mirabel costume

Cosplaying made easy with the help of Disney.

Got a kid looking to take their love of Encanto out into the world? Snag them their very own Mirabel costume. ShopDisney’s really lovely version is covered in dimensional butterfly appliques and embroidery. It’s also not inexpensive, at $49.99. 

Anyone who’s convinced their kids are just dabbling can check out a less impressive version of Mirabel’s costume on Amazon, where they also sell a pretty good version of Isabel’s flouncy dress.

8. Enchanting Encanto accessories

Take these awesome accessories on the go with you to make a major statement.

One thing that’s great about Encanto’s protagonist, Mirabel, is that she’s an accessories gal. She’s always got her purse slung across her body, and she’s always clad in a stunning set of oversized green glasses. While there don’t appear to be Encanto glasses yet, there are a ton of other enchanting accessories, including a Mirabel inspired purse on ShopDisney. The “fashion bag” is embroidered with hummingbirds and flowers, and has a strap that’s long enough for comfy crossbody wearing. 

If you’re more of a backpack person, Loungefly’s Encanto mini backpack is a winner. ShopDisney buyers say it’s “gorgeous,” “vibrant,” and somehow “better in person.”

9. A set of Mirabel mouse ears

These Mirabel mouse ears are perfect for everyday use or for a Disneyland park visit.

It’s Disney, so they’re going to make a set of mouse ears inspired by Encanto. They’ve done it for all their previous animated movies, and it’s pretty much a thing now. Encanto’s are especially cute, though, with vibrant embroidery on teal ears and a striped fabric bow with a pom-pom at its center. They’re honestly kind of chic.

Get a set of Encanto mouse ears from ShopDisney for $29.99

10. A line of magical LEGO products

Fans of Lego will be excited to see this 'Encanto' collab.

Just like Disney movies always inspire mouse ears, they also almost always inspire a slate of Lego sets. The Encanto sets run the gamut from a 587-piece casita set meant for adults to two door-inspired sets based on the Isabela and Antonio characters. The all-in-one sets can actually be packed into their own door-shaped cases and taken on the go, which is a handy little perk for parents and for kids.

11. A squishy stuffy

Pillow pets are great for serial nappers and 'Encanto' fans alike.

Unlike a lot of other recent Disney movies, Encanto doesn’t go really hard on making audiences fall in love with some sort of anthropomorphic or animal sidekick. There’s a toucan that gets a good gag in and Antonio’s got his jaguar, Parce, but there’s nothing that audiences are really latching onto. That being said, Disney has made a very, very cute and cuddly version of the film’s stoic capybara, Chispi, who’s frequently found around Antonio. Big fans can pick up a Pillow Pet Chispi, which can be used as both a pillow when unfolded and a cute stuffie when all packed up. 

Get a Chispi Pillow Pet from Amazon for $31.99

12. A whole line of Encanto makeup

Practice your beauty skills with this 'Encanto' makeup line filled with glosses, brushes and even a gorgeous mirror.

Can you even make a major motion picture these days without partnering with a makeup company? Not in Disney’s world, at least, considering the company has produced lines inspired by both Cruella and Eternals in the past year. Still, the company’s line of Encanto inspired goodies is pretty neat, especially given that it was created in tandem with Alamar Cosmetics, a Latinx-owned and -operated business. With blush, brushes, lip glosses, a mirror, and a shadow palette, there’s plenty to swoon over, especially if you love a strongly pigmented product.

13. Isabela’s floral domain

With this Isabela inspired set playtime doesn't have to end.

Girly girls might feel a special connection to Isabela’s magical room, which is absolutely covered, top to bottom, with pink and purple flowers. That’s probably why Disney made a playset inspired by the room, complete with its own magical Isabela. There are flowers that pop as doll Isabel walks the playset, as well as a swinging garden bed, floral vanity and a revolving wall panel that reflects the changes Isabel undergoes later in the movie. 

Get Isabela’s Garden Room playset from Amazon for $24.97

14. A cooperative board game

This interactive board game is sure to keep your family entertained for hours.

Just like the family Madrigal has to work together to (spoiler alert!) rebuild their beloved casita after it crumbles, the players of Spin Master’s Encanto: House Of Charms board game have to work together to secure their own success. The board game, intended for players 5 and up, is three dimensional, and players must try and cover the cracks in every room of the house with charm tokens before Abuela’s magical candle is extinguished. 

Get Encanto: House Of Charms from Amazon for $14.99

15. A whole library of Encanto books

These books are perfect for little ones who are strengthening their reading skills.

Disney didn’t just make Encanto toys and games. It also made a number of Encanto books, from a Little Golden Book about the movie to a middle grade novelization to a set that’s equal parts storybook and movie projector. A handheld projector packaged with the book comes with five picture discs filled with 20 images from the movie. And if reading’s not your thing, there’s always the Ultimate Disney Encanto Sticker Book from DK Books, which is packed with over 100 stickers, or just enough for a little kid to run through while they’re watching Encanto for the 50th time. 

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