DIY: Make This Cute Star Spangled Windsock

Amanda Collins Bernier
Baystateparent Magazine
Star Spangled Tin Can

Recycle a tin can to make this festive windsock, perfect for the Fourth of July. 

Add some patriotic flair to your yard.

What you need: 

-Tin can (top and bottom removed)

-Blue paint 

-White paint 

-Red ribbon 

-White ribbon 


-Hot glue gun 


DIY windsock

How to make it: 

Rinse out the tin can and remove the label. dry well. 

Paint the outside of the can blue, then allow to completely dry. 

Using a fine paintbrush, paint white stars around the outside of the can. Allow to dry.

Add white stars after blue paint has dried.

Working a couple inches at a time, pipe hot glue along the bottom interior of the can. Glue on ribbons, alternating red and white. Keep going until you make your way all the way around the can.

Glue red and white ribbon inside the bottom of the can.

Using a dot of hot glue, attach twine inside the top of the can. 

Glue twine to the top to hand the windsock.