5 indoor winter activities for kids

Amanda Collins Bernier
Baystateparent Magazine
Keep kids entertained inside this winter.

It’s that time of year when kids can begin to go stir crazy being stuck indoors because of the cold weather. Add in the surging cases of the coronavirus around the country and there’s bound to be even more time your kids will be fighting boredom.

Here are a few indoor activities for kids that can help you get through the winter:

1. Build a cardboard play house 

Pick a large refrigerator box from a builder, furniture store or a wholesale distribution warehouse.

2. Sumo wrestle

Clear out a space in the living room and line the corners with pillows. Let your children borrow an old t-shirt of yours, stuff it with pillows in the front and back, and let them wrestle each other.

3. Make a marshmallow structure

Use dried spaghetti and mini marshmallows to build anything.

4. Marble race track

Cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise using a serrated knife to make two racetracks. Then set them up side-by-side on your stairs or propped up against the couch.

5. Indoor scavenger hunt

Hide clues around the house for a hunt that will keep them busy solving riddles and working as a team. Leave a “treasure chest” at the end with a few treats for an extra special surprise.