Take Five with 'grandma blogger' Cheryl Beaudoin

Amanda Collins Bernier
Baystateparent Magazine
Cheryl Beaudoin with her four grandchildren.

From relatable stories to craft ideas and everything in between, mom bloggers have plenty to share in the realm of parenting. But what about grandparents? With years of experience under their belts, grandparents have plenty of advice and ideas to offer. Amid the growing number of “grandma bloggers” is Cheryl Beaudoin, a grandmother of four and a former kindergarten teacher in Acton who sits on the Board of Directors at the Discovery Museum. On her Grandparent Discoveries blog, she share stories, insights, and ideas about the joys—and challenges—of grandparenting.

Where did the idea for blog dedicated to grandparenting come from?

The museum has always known and recognized that grandparents are important visitors. I had been discussing ideas of making sure they were supported and was then asked by our CEO Neil Gordon to head up a “Grandparent Task Force” where a small group could brainstorm ways we could engage and support grandparents. Out of many meetings and some focus groups, we came up with the idea to write a blog to support grandparents. I had secretly always wanted to write a blog so it was a match made in heaven!

What are some topics you hope to cover or bring awareness to?

We hope to stay on top of grandparent “trends” and issues that grandparents face. Using my education background I hope to be able to address ideas of connection to grandchildren and create strong bonds that will strengthen through time allowing grandparents to be important “figures” in their grands’ lives, who they can always count on, who love them unconditionally. It is a gift for children to have many adults they trust and love in their lives who they can count on through the years.

What have you learned about yourself since becoming a grandmother?

I guess I’ve learned a new kind of love. It’s very special and unique - a little hard to put into words honestly! When I hear “Gigi” my heart skips a beat!

We loved reading about Camp Gigi, the summer camp you put together for your grandkids. Will there be a Camp Gigi 2022? What would you change about it?

I am absolutely planning on a Camp Gigi 2022! I think I tried to pack in too many activities so I’m thinking in 2022 I will keep more “free time” and maybe structure fewer days and leave a day of choice. The week started off strong but as we got deeper into the week things started to unravel a bit so I will keep that in mind as I plan out this year.

What’s your favorite memory of your own grandparents?

I visited my grandparents every Sunday, driving from Marlborough to Waltham. We would hit both sets of grandparents. My favorite memories are at my dad’s parents’ house where all my cousins would be as well, and we'd have Grampy’s soup for dinner. My grandmother loved her seeing us each week and made us always feel special. It created strong cousin bonds that would continue be strong into our adult lives.

At my mom’s parents’ house I loved trying new French dishes that my grandmother would cook and listening to them speaking French. My grandfather was quite a jokester and kept us always laughing! Very fond memories of all of my grandparents. 

Read Grandparent Discoveries at discoveryacton.org/grandparent-discoveries-blog.