Make This Adorable Heart-Shaped Pinch Pot with Your Little Valentine

Baystateparent Magazine
Valentine's Pinch Pot

Pinch pots are a simple pottery project for kids of all ages. This festive, heart-shaped clay dish is perfect for holding their trinkets and treasures. 

What you need: 

  • Air drying clay 
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint brush 

How to make it: 

Knead your clay to soften it, then work it into a smooth, round ball. If the clay is too hard, you can add a bit of water. The more clay you have, the bigger your pot will be.

Once you have your ball, press into the middle with your two thumbs. Then, using your thumb and index finger, pinch around to shape the walls. 

When you have a basic round pinch pot, push into one side of the bowl with your index finger to create the top of the heart indent. At the opposite end, pinch the wall together make the point part of the heart.

Dip your index finger in water and use to smooth out any cracks or bumps. 

Set your pot out overnight to dry. Once it's completely dry, paint and embellish. 

Valentine's Pinch Pot