DIY: Celebrate Earth Day with this adorable, easy-to-make Grass Head craft

Baystateparent Magazine
Adorable and easy to make, this DIY grass head craft is a fun Earth Day project parents and kids can do together.

Easy and eco-friendly, this super cute Grass Head is a fun way to celebrate Earth Day with kiddos. They’ll have fun decorating the face, watching the “hair” grow, and giving it a trim. 

You’ll need:

-Nylon stocking

-2 tablespoons grass seed

-Potting soil

-Plastic yogurt container (or other small recycled cup)

-Decorations and embellishments (googly eyes, paint, markers, buttons, craft paper, etc). 

Kiddos will enjoy decorating the grass head, watching the "hair" grow and giving it a trim!

How to make it: 

Step 1: Cut off about an 8-inch section of the stocking that includes the toe. 

Step 2: Spoon the grass seed into the stocking toe, and cover with potting soil. (Stretching the stocking over a large cup or mug can make this part a little easier.) Tie a knot to close the end, leaving the excess fabric hanging.

Step 3: Decorate to create a face. Glue on googly eyes, draw on a mouth, etc. You can make a bulbous nose or ears by pinching a bit of soil and fastening with some thread or a rubber band. Then, move on to decorating your yogurt cup. 

Step 4: Saturate the grass head under running water, then place it in the yogurt container, filled halfway with water. Let the nylon tail dangle in the water to serve as a wick. 

Step 5: Place your Grass Head on a windowsill or somewhere with plenty of sunlight. Be sure to check the water level in the yogurt container every day, keeping it at least half full. “Hair” should sprout in about a week.