Fastest Growing Baby Names in 2018

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

The team at recently released predictions for the 15 Fastest Growing Baby Names in 2018.

These are not the most popular names right now, but these are the wildcards and fastest growing. The trends suggest these names are headed to the top of the most popular charts a few years down the road.

  • 15 Growing Boy Names in 2018: Bryson, Mateo, Greyson, Theodore, Ezra, Asher, Leo, Elias, Lincoln, Leonardo, Roman, Easton, Josiah, Oliver and Carson
  • 15 Fastest Growing Girl Names in 2018: Luna, Adeline, Eliana, Aurora, Camila, Elena, Quinn, Hazel, Kinsley, Willow, Mila, Riley, Eleanor, Cora and Ruby

The predictions are based on Social Security data on actual births in recent years (Since 1937, every top 10 name in a given year was in the top 25 the year before) combined with user interest on