Our Favorite February Products

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine
Kids of all ages can be proud of their individuality with Pride Socks . These funky, fun, retro tube socks let everyone — from babies/toddlers through adults — celebrate who they are. Sock lover and founder Rachel Smith was a special education teacher for 12 years, who through her line seeks to promote diversity and inclusion. $8 and up. pridesocks.com.

Hair-elastic-wearing girls are very protective of their accessories, and will only be more so once they get a hold ofScen-ties, scented elastics that emit fragrances such as watermelon, brownie sundae, and cotton candy with the tug of a fabric tag. Available in eight scents, girls may be wearing them more on their wrist than in their hair! $5.99. scen-ties.com.

If your refrigerator is a de-facto art gallery, why not make it look as pretty as the pictures it holds? Say goodbye to multiple magnets, clips, and holders keeping items secured on the surface, and say hello toFridge Gallery. This magnetic display system sports six clear panels that allow for the easy insertion of photos, memos, mementos, cards, or even school artwork, regardless of size differences. The holder itself has one of 10 different background designs, including plain/stainless steel. $19.99. fridgegallery.net.

Active kids often become fragrant kids — and not in a good way. Parents can fight back against stinky cleats, sneakers, ski boots, and more withSmell Well. Containing a combination of salt, absorbents, and mild fragrance, each pouch absorbs moisture and odor particles while releasing a fresh scent in athletic shoes. Pouches lasts up to six months and are safe around pets, children, and those with allergies. $9.95. smellwell.se/en.

Kids want to paint their nails, and parents want to keep their surfaces nail-polish-free thanks to accidental bottle spills.Tippur provides a secure place to hold that bottle and prevent messy spills. Mini-manicurists (or Mom herself) simply insert a bottle, tilt to the desired angle, and paint away without the worry of a toppled bottle or smudged nails. Fully assembled and ready to use, it comes in several colors and fits all nail polish bottle sizes. $14.95. tippur.com.