March's Child: Kimberly

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

Fifteen-year-old Kim is a pretty girl of Hispanic descent who has a big smile and a big heart. Kim enjoys lacrosse and field hockey. She uses her friendly personality to engage you in conversation and relates well to both adults and her peers.

Kim achieved much success in her last school setting and is working at grade level. History is her favorite subject. Kim behaves well both in school and in her foster home where she enjoys her friends and being around the adults in her life.

Kim would do great in any type of family. She needs to know that adults in her life will be fair, support her and talk things out with her. Kim wants a family that will allow her to maintain connections to previous caretakers and a home where she will not have to compete for the attention of adults in the home. Kim is legally free for adoption.

For more information regarding Kim, please contact Department of Children and Families (DCF) Adoption Supervisor Eileen Griffin at 978-353-3629. The Worcester DCF Office hosts monthly informational meetings for those wishing to learn more about the adoption process in general. Please call 508-929-2143 for specific information about the next meeting.