February's Child: Abeizer

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

Next month “Abie,” as he prefers to be called, will celebrate his birthday and become a teenager. This young man of Hispanic descent hopes to become a police officer — specifically serving on the SWAT Team. He has a great sense of humor and plays most sports, however, he would like to try karate lessons. Abie enjoys reading, drawing, making things with his hands and playing cards. He is polite, well-mannered, and has a strong sense of spirituality and family values.

Abie is in the eighth grade where he is doing well and earning good grades. He has expressed he would like a family that will always keep him safe. His social worker believes Abie would do best in a single- or two-parent home that will allow for a slow transition. Abie should be the only child living in the home. He would need a family that can consistently provide structure, routine, clear limits and consequences. Abie would like to maintain contact with his birth siblings who have already been adopted and other members of his birth family. He is legally free for adoption.

For more information about Abie, or the adoption process in general, please contact Department of Children and Families Adoption Supervisor Grace Kirby-Steinau at (508) 929-2033. The DCF Adoption Office in Worcester holds monthly informational meetings about the adoption process. Please call (508) 929-2143 for specific information about the next meeting.