Our Favorite September Family Products

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PinBox 3000 pinbox3000.comBEDDI Style Intelligent Alarm Clock wittidesign.com

Get ahead of this hot trend early and grab a Color-Changing Sequin Mermaid Pillow from the Mermaid Pillow Co. Available in a variety of colors, themes, and styles, the pillows feature an illustration and inspirational message on one side and reversible, color-changing sequins on the other. Once you pick it up, it’s impossible not to move the sequins around to draw patterns or write letters. At 12”x20” it’s an armful of fun and a relaxing, soothing addition to your child’s bedtime routine. $34.99 and up. mermaidpillowco.com.

Baby Oasis Sound Machine soundoasis.comTufted Folding Storage Ottoman thefhegroup.com