Add to Cart: Our January Fave Family Products

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

Get yourself (or someone you love) something cool and feel good about it when purchasing a fashionable accessory at beyondBeanie. The social clothing company contracts with Bolivian artisans who craft the goods, and every purchase benefits them and their children. Every beanie purchase results in five meals; every bag, one set of school supplies; every poncho, one school uniform, and so on. The company also offers colorful bracelets, scarves, headbands, and much more.

Boots are a necessity in winter, but they’re usually pretty bulky. Stride Rite has solved that problem with the cool-named Snoot. The half-sneaker/half-boot footwear offers the flexibility and lightweight features of a sneaker, plus the insulated, water-resistant protection of a boot. Even better, it’s machine washable and collapses to fit in a bag. The Snoot is available in Baby/Toddler (4-8 M, W) and Preschool (8.5-11 M, W) sizes and comes in solid colors or fun character themes, such as Frozen, Star Wars, Spiderman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and My Little Pony. $50 (baby/toddler)/$55 (preschool).