Get Christmas Crafting: Ornament DIY For All Ages

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

The holidays are a great time to craft, especially with kids. This DIY ornament activityis inexpensive (less than $5!), easy for crafters of all ages, and produces a fun decorationfor your — or a recipient’s — Christmas tree. Even better, it’s screen-free family fun.

Naughty and Nice


• Clear plastic ornamentsthat snap together

• Charcoal

• Peppermint candles

• Stick-on letters

• Ribbon


• Fill one ornament with 2 pieces of charcoal and another with peppermint candies. Snap ornaments closed.

• Apply letters to spell “Naughty” and “Nice.”

• Add ribbon

Cost: Less than $2 per ornament

Santa and Rudolph


• Flat glass ornament

• Map

• Mod Podge

• Disposable spongepaintbrush

• X-acto knife or scissors

• Foam adhesive circles

• Ribbon

• Santa and Rudolph artwork

• Heavy paper or scrap booking stickers


• Cut map into small pieces and adhere to ornament with Mod Podge.

• Once ornament is covered with map pieces, Mod Podge the outside of map. (It may be easier to use your fingers, rather than the brush.) Let dry.

• Look online for Santa/Rudolph clip art and print out on heavy card stock, or find a sticker and place on poster board.

• Cut out the artwork/sticker, leaving a white border.

• Add foam adhesive to 2 or 3 places on the back of artwork/sticker and attach to ornament.

• Add ribbon.

Cost: Less than $3.50 per ornament

Holly Ornament

• Clear glass ornament

• Embellishments

• Stick-on letters

• Mod Podge

• Water

• 2 paper cups

• Plastic spoon

• Epsom salt

• 2 funnels



• Put Mod Podge in a paper cup and add a few drops of water. Stir well and pour in ornament using a funnel.

• Stir mixture inside the ornament until the inside is completely covered. Pour excess back into paper cup.

• Pour Epsom salt into ornament using the second funnel. Remove funnel and shake ornament to distribute salt around the inside; this will create a snow-life effect. Pour excess salt back into second paper cup.

• Decorate with embellishments of your choice and stick on letters if desired.

• Add ribbon. This can also double as a gift tag.

Cost: Less than $5 per ornament