Skylanders Turns 5, Branches Out in New Directions with New Game, TV Series

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

Activision’s Skylanders video game series turns 5 this year in a big way, thanks to a new Netflix series and a new game featuring never-before-offered abilities.

Skylanders remains true to its toys-to-life origin, in which players place a figure on a special portal connected to their gaming system and that figure comes to life on screen, becoming a playable character in the game.

With this fall’s new release, Skylanders Imaginators, fans for the first time can create their very own Skylander, choosing its look, abilities, powers, catchphrases and more, making it totally unique compared to the 300+ previous character toys released since the first game’s debut in 2011. Players use a new toy type, a Creation Crystal, to create and transport their unique character to consoles anytime, anywhere. Players can create one character per Creation Crystal.

This ability to create a totally unique character brings a whole new hook to the series, even for the seasoned Skylanders fan, and players will spend a lot of time perfecting their Skylander (mine sure did).

Imaginators also introduces new guest stars to the series called Senseis. These figuresunlock special battle modes within the game and also help train (level up) the Imaginators characters. Skylanders Senseis include 20 new characters and 11 former villains, including big baddie Kaos and the return of the ultra popular Crash Bandicoot — another draw for the gaming fan.

Like previous releases, Skylanders Imaginators is available in a Starter Pack, giving the gamer everything he or she needs to start playing right away: two Senseis, one Creation Crystal, the Portal of Power, and the full game. Activision is offering two special starter packs at higher price points, one featuring Crash Bandicoot and another called the Dark Edition. Additional Skylanders, Creation Crystals, and Sensei toys are available for individual purchase to add more characters and adventures to a player’s game. And, thankfully for seasoned Skylanders fans, all of their previous Skylanders figures work with Imaginators, offering a massive amount of game play.

And in more good news for the Skylanders fan, the video game phenomenon took to a new medium this fall via its first TV series, Skylanders Academy. The first 12-episode season is available now on Netflix and followsSpyro the Dragon, Stealth Elf, and Eruptor as new students at Skylanders Academy. Under the teachings of Master Eon and Jet-Vac, the trio learn what it means to be a Skylander while fighting the evil Kaos and other villains of Skylands.