6 Simple Ideas to Make Easter Eggs-ellent

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1. Leave some clues that the Easter Bunny visited your home! There could be a trail of cotton (ball) fur around the house or some other easy and fun ideas! And if you're looking for what you can leave the Easter Bunny the night before, here you go!

2. Make a super cute breakfast! After the eggs have been found (and some chocolate) has been consumed, impress the kids with some bunny pancakes that are cute enough to eat! You can’t go wrong with this playfully arranged stack of pancakes (via Taste of Home). Or we dug up some other adorable options at The Frugal Female.

3. Dye Easter Eggs with nail polish! If you have a young girl in the house,  you likely have tons of nail polish. Use some to bedazzle Easter eggs. This video from ATHRIFTYMOM.com will show you how! If you want to get really creative, check out 40 ways to decorate your eggs!

4. Play some Egg-cellent games! At our family celebration, we use Easter as an excuse to test out our competitive nature against loved ones. Do a relay race while carrying an egg on a spoon, see what team will be the last one standing during an Egg toss or use hard-boiled Eggs with your noses to see who can push their egg across the finish line first!

5. Break Easter's most beloved candy (Jellybeans!) Fill a jar with Jellybeans and see who comes closest to guessing the number of beans in there. They can win the jar! If you've got a mor daring crowd, you MUST get the Bean Boozled Game! It's a collection of 20 flavors, some are so crazy you can't believe it, while others are the delicious Jelly Belly beans you love. Spin to see what color you have to eat Is it a delicious Top Banana Jelly Belly bean - or is it Pencil Shavings flavor? You won't know until you take a bite!

6. Chill with a good flick!  We're partial to all things Charlie Brown but Hop is a great film too. Here are the Top Easter Movies for Kids & Families

Happy Easter from all of us at baystateparent.com

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