10 Things to put inside your Easter Eggs besides candy

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

Here are 10 things besides candy to fit inside an Easter Egg:

1. Money. When my nieces and nephews were a bit younger (and beyond the choking stage) they loved getting 50 cents inside an egg. As they age, so doesn't the bottom line.

2. Stickers and tattoos. I try to figure out what the "in" character is and find those (can anyone say, Frozen?) but you can never go wrong with sports or puppy-related stickers and tatoos.

3. Coupons. No, not coupons for Stop & Shop but coupons for one extra hour of x-box on a weeknight or better yet, a coupon to go fishing or hiking as the weather gets better.

4. Mini-toys. Yeah, I know they'll end up cluttering your home but they do get a good 10-minutes of fun out of them. Head to the Dollar Store and grab some mini squirt guns, race cars or wind-up toys.

5. Seeds. A package of seeds with a promise to start a strawberry garden or plant green beans could turn into a fun spring project.

6. Jewerly/Lip Gloss. My daughter loves getting some sort of necklace, glow-up rings or bracelet but you can also fit flavored chapstick or lip gloss or even nail polish in a larger egg.

7. Something crafty. Put some pom-poms and googly eyes in an egg for a child to create a duckling or spider from or some friendship bracelet string so he or she can make her own. Or you can find mini containers of play-dough.

8. Other food. Fish crackers or grapes fit inside Easter Eggs. Depending on your child's palette, this could be met with glee or gloom.

9. Jokes/Riddles. I found some fun, clean jokes online and put them on some index cards. The kids loved taking turns making the adults laugh.

10. Gift card. If you want to splurge or some older kids would much enjoy a few bucks to a yogurt bar, thrill them with some funds!