Reader's Roundup with some great picks for Father's Day

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

Looking for an age-appropriate new read for you children? In our “Reader’s Roundup,” we compile synopses of all the latest releases, with reviews, release dates, and buying information. Read on to find your kids’ next favorite book.

Ages 1-3

Noisy Playhouse Peekaboo!, Noisy Pets Peekaboo! and My First Zoo, by DK

DK Publishing's three new preschool titles include two books with sounds. Colorful photographs and illustrations. DK Publishing. Hardcover board books, Noisy Playhouse and Noisy Pets, $12.99 each. My First Zoo, $9.99

Ages 3-5

Playtime, written and illustrated by Jeff Mack

Western Massachusetts writer/illustrator’s picture book telling the story of bedtime vs. playtime for a boy and his gorilla. On sale May 10. Penguin Random House, Penguin Young Readers. Hardcover, $16.99.

Beard Boy, written by John Flannery, illustrations by Steven Weinberg

Fun for Father’s Day, the story of Ben who wants to grow a beard like his dad. On sale May 10. Penguin Random House, Penguin Young Readers. Hardcover, $17.99.

Ages 3-6

My Amazing Dad, written by Ezekiel Kwaymuilina, illustrations by Tom Jellett?

Another tribute to dads lists all the reasons a boy loves his dad. On sale May 3. Sky Pony Press. Hardcover, $16.99.

Izzy the Very Bad Burglar, written and illustrated by Amy Proud

?Izzy is born into a long line of thieves, but finds a way to make the stealing, which she knows is bad, into something helpful for the neighborhood. On sale May 3. Sky Pony Press. Hardcover, $16.99.

Ages 3-7

Stanley the Mailman, written and illustrated by William Bee

Come with Stanley as he delivers mail along his postal route. Lovely illustrations. Peachtree Publishers. Hardcover, $14.95.

Chimpanzees for Tea!, written and illusrated by Jo Empson

Silly and fun read-aloud for young readers where Vincent makes some fun substitutions when he loses his mom's grocery list. Penguin Random House, Penguin Young Readers. Hardcover, $17.99.

Ages 5-9

Little Red, written and illustrated by Bethan Woollvin

Updated story of Little Red Riding Hood. Peachtree Publishers. Hardcover, $16.95.

Ages 7-9

Claude in the Country, written and illustrated by Alex T. Smith

The latest installment in the early chapter book Claude series, where the beret-wearing pooch Claude and his pal Sir Bobblysock's walk in the country turns into a wild adventure with cute illustrations. Peachtree Publishers. Hardcover, $12.95.

Ages 8-12

Super Bug Encyclopedia, by DK

Facts and stats for the 100 most amazing insects on the planet, with full-color photographs and dashboard-style panels providing information at a glance. DK Publishing. Hardcover, $24.99.

Ages 12 and up

The Incredible adventures of Cinnamon Girl, by Melissa Keil. Illustrations by Mike Lawrence

A quirky young adult romance novel by the emerging Australian writer that follows Alba to the intersection of her comic book creations and the predicted doomsday announced by a YouTube prophet. Peachtree Publishers. Hardcover, $17.95.