DIY: Flowerpot Fire Pit & Custom Roasting Sticks

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine


What You Need:

-Terra Cotta Pot (base optional)

-Heavy-duty Aluminum Foil


-Charcoal Lighter Fluid



Line clay pot with foil and fill with charcoal. Drizzle with lighter fluid. Stand to the side of charcoal and light. When the charcoal begins turning white, you’re ready to roast!

Note: This is an open flame! Adult supervision is required.

Roasting Sticks

What You Need:

-1-inch wooden dowel

-Uncoated wire hangers(check with your local dry cleaner)

-Electric drill and Drill bit


-Paints and Brushes


-Cut dowel into 8-inch sections

-Straighten wire hanger, cut ends off and to desired length

-Drill a small hole into one end of the dowel, about 1 inchdeep

-Insert wire (Use glue to securein place if needed. Ours fitsnug enough that no glue wasneeded.)

-Paint your dowel and let it dry before using