Nickelodeon's Ella Anderson on Her Favorite Role, Advice for Kids, and Being Starstruck

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Baystateparent Magazine

Ella Anderson turns 14 this month, but already, she's a show biz veteran. Bitten by the acting bug before she was even a kindergartner, she has already notched up an impressive filmography, holding her own alongside A-list actors. Currently, she plays Piper Hart on the Nickelodeon series Henry Danger.

The actress will be greeting fans at the upcoming Kidz Expo at the Best Western Royal Plaza in Marlborough, which will offer an array of family-fun entertainment and activities from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 30. Anderson, who now lives in Los Angeles with her parents and twin brothers, took the time recently to answer some questions ahead of her Kidz Expo appearance:

How did you get started acting at such a young age?

My older brothers are twins, and they were the ones who wanted to act. My mom didn’t know how to get them into the business, so she looked on Craigslist to see if she could find a movie they could be extras in. She found a listing looking for a girl 3-5 years old for a feature film and she asked me if I wanted to audition. I was about 4 ½ at the time, I think. She took me to the audition and I have been hooked ever since the first day I stepped on set.

Have you been star struck by anyone you’ve met?

Justin Bieber!

What’s your favorite role you’ve played? What made it so special?

I like all the roles I’ve played for different reasons, but I think my favorite would have to be Jeannette Walls in The Glass Castle. It was such a powerful story and I loved collaborating with Brie [Larson] and of course working with Woody [Harrelson] and Naomi [Watts]. It was an incredible acting experience.

You play Piper Hart on the Nickelodeon show Henry Danger. How do you relate to Piper? Are you like her at all?

It is super fun to play Piper, but I wouldn’t want anyone to behave like her. I definitely do not have her scheming and manipulative side. I think our similarities are our faces and the fact that we both have older brothers.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

I have been fortunate enough to have people that I look up to that I can ask for advice on specific things. I think the best advice I have ever been given is to trust my heart and to follow it no matter what others might say.

Do you ever get recognized when you’re out and about? What’s that like?

I do. I get to meet people that support me and that is pretty cool. I am very happy that my work is well received and that I am able to make things that bring joy into people’s lives.

Tell us about your favorites...

Food: I tend to like foods that most people hate. For example, pickles, mushrooms, capers, raw onions.

Book: I love to read! One of the most recent books that I read is called “The Loneliest Girl in the Universe,” by Lauren James. I loved the plot twists and the detail in the storytelling. I also loved “The Hate You Give,” by Angie Thomas. I can’t just pick one I guess.

Movie: I really like “Moonrise Kingdom,” “The Shining,” and pretty much anything that A24 makes.

Singer: I don’t have a favorite singer, I just listen to music I like the sound of. I like how Daniel Caesar's voice sounds.

Actor: Saoirse Ronan, Viola Davis, Sterling K. Brown, James McAvoy, Natalie Portman...I can’t decide....too many that I admire.

What advice do you have for other kids who are interested in acting?

If you can find anything else you are interested that. Haha! Otherwise, work hard, stay true to who you are and never, ever, ever give up.