Adventure Awaits: Fun Fashion

Staff Writer
Baystateparent Magazine

It may be too cold for the beach and your pool is still closed, yet it’s prime time to think about new bathing suits. As any parent who hauls out last year’s summer clothes will tell you: You’re always in the market for a new one. Check out these cute, fun, and functional offerings.

Leila, 5: Kate Mack Making Waves girl’s two-piece UPF 50+ swimsuit.

Aaron, 9: johnnie-O swim trunks and T-shirt

Dante, 4: Wes and Willy swim trunks and T-shirt

Andrew, 11: johnnie-O swim trunks and T-shirt

Reese, 7: Floatimini Stars & Clouds Front Bow Tankini Set, UPF 50+

Maria, 8: Snapper Rock St. Barths 3-piece bikini set (orange and white striped rash top seen on page 40), UPF 50+

Lily, 12: Floatimini Flamingo Tiered Bikini Set, UPF 50+

Hair and Makeup by Rob Roy Hair Academy

Fashion provided by Little V Designs, Westborough