Perhaps one of the biggest questions new parents face is what to name their little one. And with babies out there called X Æ A Xii, North West and Apple, there's apparently no limit to parents' creativity when it comes to names.

One place parents are drawing inspiration is how the names are spelled.

According to, a popular database, plenty of parents are opting to name their babies palindromes. To dust off your memory  from English class, a palindrome is a word spelled the same backward as forward. (Think Hannah, Anna and Bob.)

And that's not the only way parents are naming their babies.

Remember when Sonny Sandoval named his daughter Nevaeh in 2000? Many scratched their heads, as the rock star explained on MTV that the unconventional name was "heaven" spelled backward.

Turns out, the name's caught on. According to, Nevaeh is the third most popular name that is spelled backward as a different name. These kinds of names — like Leon and Noel, Aidan and Nadia and Ira and Ari — can be suitable for twins or siblings, according to the site.

Here are's 10 most popular palindrome names, according to Social Security Administration data since 1890. The number next to each name indicates the number of babies with that official name since 1890. It does not include people who go by those names as nicknames, who spell it a different way or who have not applied for Social Security.

  Anna: 896,000 babies since 1890 Hannah: 434,000 Ava: 266,000 Ana: 102,000 Ada: 96,000 Bob: 93,000 Otto: 33,000 Eve: 25,000 Asa: 18,000 Elle: 14,000

And here are the website's 10 most common backward and forward name pairings:

Leon, Noel Aidan, Nadia Nevaeh, Heaven Ali, Ila Nora, Aron Ira, Ari Anaya, Ayana James, Semaj Arden, Nedra Ami, Ima