When I see headlines “Democrats trash rule of law in their last ditch effort to block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee” I may regain some confidence in the news media; I’m not holding my breath. Every Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee trashed the fundamental rule of law, “Assumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt,” when they voted against Brett Kavanaugh based on the accusations of a Dr. Ford. Her accusations are nothing but reasonable doubt. She claims to have been sexually assaulted as a teenager, a common reason for “Post traumatic stress disorder,” which in turn results in all sorts of problems with what people remember. She can’t remember when, where, how she got there, or how she got home. Apparently she doesn’t know who else was there. Those she identified as there to corroborate her claims disclaim her recollection. That should leave all of us with no doubt that her claims are at best unreliable. What is clear beyond any doubt is that Democrats are willing to destroy anything and anyone including you and I and the rule of law that protects us all.

Leonard Lincoln Ivel