Editor's note: “Did you hear that?” I asked... Those were the words area second-, third- and fourth-graders were asked to use to start a ghost story of their own design. These stories came from Major Edwards Elementary School, in West Boylston, grade 3. Enjoy.


No said Lily. You did not hear that scream said Charlotte. It came from that room. Let's go check it out. Charlotte and Lily went down the hall. When they got to the room, they saw a girl on the floor. The girl said run, he is coming back. Who, said Charlotte? His name is Sam. He hurt his best friend Maxx. The girls hurt Sam.

Charlotte Vaillancourt


... I want to go in that abandoned house

Please Bob you can, said Ella. Bob said no; Ella said well I am.

Bob said it is haunted. Ella said ba ba ba.

The door opened and Ella went in.

And a big ghost followed and nobody saw Ella again.

Adele Young


... A girl named Alex was trick-or-treating with her friends Zach, Jude and me. They were at the last house. They came to a haunted mansion. They went inside and a light flicked off. A ghost went by them very fast. A doll said “peek a boo?” Alex said, “Do you hear that?” It was the doll saying. "GO NOW! They ran very fast to get out. They said, “let's never go trick-or-treating again!

Darlene Mintah


... my sister. I hear nothing, she said. I said it's coming from the basement. She said "I hear it now. Let go see."

We have no flashlight and where are mom and dad? They are on a 3 month trip. No! OK let's go. I saw dolls.THEY HURT ME!.HELP! My sister came to help me. Three months later, we moved. YAY!THE END!

Jude Saad


... he asked, "what was that" Daved Ferreria knew that. Daved was in a pickle. He was getting chased by Null and Herobrian and hid in a village and the village burned down so he called his friend and won a epic battle by mining and getting logs from trees and getting swords so they won and Null and Herobrian never bothered anyone again ... until one day ... To be continued.

Aidan Johnson


... my mom. "Hear what?" my mom asked. Never mind I said. I thought I heard footsteps behind us as we walked past the cemetery late at night on our way home. There they are again, I told my mom as I looked behind us, but there was nothing there. Then when we got home, the footsteps were gone.

Ryland Tobin


... my brother hear what? What type of noise is that, he said? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Let's stay inside the house. And watch the news about the sounds.

One hour later, we hear it even louder and louder and louder and finally mom and dad came home.

And they did not know about the noises and when they closed then it really got loud. Wolves started to howl. A green gooey monster oozed out of the sewer. It grew bigger and bigger until it was the size of a hotel. Finally the police came and put it in a jar to study it.

Andrew Camyre


... my snake as it was eating a small mouse. I opened the door to my room and went down the hall. All of a sudden I saw a dark figure in my room. It was a small figure with big ears and a long tail. Once it saw me it started growling at me. I saw its eyes: they were a bright yellow. Then it started walking closer and closer to me. It was a bright green and was very slimy. I screamed at the top of my lungs it was a ... CRUNCH !

Henry Brown


... my friend. l heard a creak sound. Did you? Yes! It came from your room. It was really scary because we are in your room. Let’s go downstairs. Go tell your mom Alyssa. Let’s go trick or treating. OK. Creek!Ow no! Let’s go to the next house. Yes! I had so much fun! Creak. Yes. Creak.

What is that, my mom asked me ...

Alyssa Irula


... I looked behind me. Standing there I saw an angry jellybean. He was doing the floss. And then he started to hit me with a stick. Then something crazy happened. There was an army of jellybeans. So I got a broom and swept them out of my house.The next day a candy bar started to run after me so I ate him up.

Trey Duffy


... The creepy clown was knocking on my door. "Did you hear that?” I asked. I hear a creak in the back of me ... And I see a creepy clown. Run! And then I looked behind me and they were running after me. The next day I saw a gummy bear standing on its own. So I moved to New York City. Then I just saw another gummy bear standing on its own again.

Mackenzie Brustolin


... my friend Maxx if he is scared of ghosts. No, Maxx said. And then me and Maxx were walking down the stairs we heard a creak on the stair behind us. We were creeped out. We thought that something was following us, but we don't know what it was. We hid in a closet until our mom and dad came home.

Samuel Lemay


... When I was at Halloween amusement park. I looked behind me. I saw 50 zombies. I screamed in terror. When I got home, there were 10 witches at my front door and  20 ghosts behind me.

Then my dad came in and got every monsters. We were safe.

But 5,000 witches came to town. They all combined as one then mega boy came to town. 

Bradley Divirgilio


... me and my friend. We were in a haunted house. We heard a footstep from the staircase behind us. We turned quickly and saw a dark figure running away. When we looked back, we saw a creepy stranger staring at us. We ran as fast as the wind! Then finally we lost him. We hid in the closet. Then we turned on the light and we saw him. We ran out of the the house.

Anthony Scola


... Jacob.

One night I walk up and heard footsteps in the hall. I heard Jacob scream!

I went in his room and he was gone! I turned around and someone or something ran away.

I want downstairs and I saw Jacob, mom and dad. But they look at me. I was scared and ran upstars! They came up, too! I jumped out of the window. I saw two dolls staring at me! I jumped to the roof. The dolls followed and Jacob, mom and dad came, too. I called 911 and I saw the helicopter. I climb up and flew away.

Willow Clark


... my cat. I turned and I saw a black shade. I ran out of the house, but two creepy dolls came after me. I got into the shed and I waited for dolls to go away.

I peeked out the door. They were gone. I ran back to the house and went to my room. I slammed the door shut. I turned around and I saw a Gruffalo. It jumped at me and I was inside the Gruffalo.

Asher Ferreira


... my cat. It was coming from under the bed. I could not figure out what was making the noise. I looked under the bed, but I saw nothing. I went downstairs to get a drink. The door creaked closed behind me and I felt uncomfortable. I went back up to my room and looked under the bed and saw these big green eyes. It's a monster!

Lindsey Karlgren


... to go to a spooky house.

When I went I hear a sound.

It is a clown. "I WANT TO PLAY HAHAHAHA," the clown said.

I ran as fast as I could.

I woke up. It was a dream.


Juan Rodriguez


... I was in my old house and it was so creepy.

I heard my dad singing. It was kind of scaring me.

He was saying GET OUT! So I ran out of house.

But before he could get out, he woke up and it was just a dream. It was the middle of the night and he could not go to sleep.

He went into his parents’ room but his mom was not there.

Where is his mom? I don’t know!

Eva L.


... “Ha, ha ,ha, it’s coming from the woods!’’ said Sarah. “Oh all it is is a scarecrow,’’ it laughed ,aaaahhhh!” yelled the dog, as he stuck his head under a pillow. The creepy scarecrow started to walk toward the house, but the dog bit it. “Ouch!” said the scarecrow. Next the dog scratched. It scratched, scratched, scratched and walked the scarecrow and … then the dog killed the scarecrow.

The end.

Carmela Renzoni


... ”Dude it is literally the house shaking ”!” said Will. “No It sounds like Sam,” I said. “NO ITS NOT!” said Will. “ I WILL DESTROY YOU.” Said Sam “IT’S SAM!” Me and Will said at the same time. “AAAAAHHHH,” Will screamed out of the room. And he left me there to rot. I tried to defend myself. I was never seen again.” Till this day.”HAAAAAAAAA.” This is the  FBI, said the FBI. Lucas is gone but the other one...Will.


Lucas Jodray


... Is it that rocking chair with that doll. We looked over and saw it moving. My jaw opened as we ran out the door. Liz and I looked around to see the doll chasing us. We were so scared that night. We were never going back. As we looked back we heard a big BOOM! We fell. Our house vanished and we were found dead with the doll and regretted buying that creepy doll. THE END.

Jacob Pitro


...There was a kid named Matthew he cuts open Jack-o-lanterns. Then he was stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Good news: he survived, called all the FBI and helped the nurses cure the people in need.

Matthew Belvery


...Yes said a voice. So I say who are you. The voice said the same thing back then the voice said reveal yourself. So I stepped back four small steps and turned around and there was a man in all black staring at me. He said, “What is your name?”

Then I said Angelina, it is Dr A. cula. And when I went back home, I went to bed right away and I could not stop thinking about that man. I woke up at 3 in the morning. I need to look for what to wear. I opened my closet door. Right when I found what I was gonna wear I headed back out to the field again and right before a saw the fangs on him I saw his name mushed together on his shirt and it spelled Dracula. When I saw the fangs on him I noticed he was was dead. I personally think it was because it was sunny outside.

Angelina DeMalia


... Haley asked, talking to her cat Mia. “It sounded like a help in a high pitched voice.” It came from the attic. Haley went into the attic. There was a girl on the floor, and a dog with only three legs. She looked at the dog. Then Haley looked over her shoulder.... and saw the girl she thought was DEAD… And the last thing anyone ever heard about Haley Guerard was a scream and birds flying out of the treetops in fear of the loud noise.

Emma Guerard


... As I heard another bang in the attic. I called Mom. Mom came with a flashlight. Then we climb the ladder to the attic. The attic is dark. We search the attic. We found an alien. Mom called the police. We waited for the police to get here. When the police got to our house the alien flew away in his spaceship.

Conrad Conchieri


...It is Mr. Beast. “Let’s start the video,” Chandler said to himself, “Today is the day I win.”

“Mr. Beast before I start the video, remember Chandler can win $50,000.”

All of a sudden we hear “Knock, knock FBI, open up!” Mr. Beast tells himself to run from the FBI agent. He yells, ”You are under arrest.”

OK last to stop this revolving door wins $20,000. “eh-hem Chandler can win $50,000” says Mr. Beast.” Fast forward Chandler Brother vs Chandler Candler brother “I give up, everybody hugs Chandler.” GAME OVER.

Ean Giobellina


... “Squeal, squeal, thump, thump, Phelan!” said Chris. The forest is thumping and the trees tops are moving. Chris went to the top of the trees and he fell out. He was hurt and fell on a horse and ended up in an attic. Phelan was stuck in a safe and Chris came to the safe and ended up in a safe, too. Then they died!

Charlotte Diaz


... my good friend Andrew as we turn to see a strike of Halloween magic hit the house next door. We told mom we would be back in 2 hours. We ran to the next door house and we opened the door. The first thing we saw was a crowd of zombies. We rushed to the stairs and we find ourselves in the attic. Then we shut the door. If you choose to open the door, read after the punctuation. If you choose to stay in the attic, read after the exclamation mark.

We decided to open the door to see if they still are there. So we did and then an explosion suddenly rang out. Ten seconds later they were dead!

We did not dare open the door so we sat on 2 boxes and a button fell out. All of a sudden the house disappeared and we find ourselves on the street. The button must have destroyed the house. We thought to ourselves.

Christian Benson


... to my twin sister Lily. “Did it sound like a ghost? If it did, probably yes.” She was shaking with fear. Our older brother, Chase was teasing Lily, because she is so scared of ghosts.

“Stop teasing her! You cry like a baby if your scared!!!!” I yelled.

“Yeah true. But she cries even louder!” “No she’s not crying right now and she is scared.” “LIAR!!!”

“Well, MILLY WHY ARE YOU NOT HELPING ME OUT?!!!???????????” yelled Lily.

“Cause I am having A SERIOUS CONVERSATION!!!” I yelled after her yell. “Oh look on Chase’s head,” said me and Lily. Then a random weird person jumped on his head. “What the what????” said Chase in a weird voice.

“I’m thinking I should ... RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” It was no use.

Chase’s weird FELLOW FRIEND was still stepping on his head. A mini voice said “HELP ME."

I turned tiny because of his friend.!!!!!!! I grabbed Chase from the ground and grabbed Lily’s shrink ray 2000.


“Oh no!” yelled Lily “Its a real ghost!!!!!!!!” cried Lily “QUICK REVERSE THE SHRINK RAY BEFORE THE GHOST GRABS CHASE!!!!!!!!!” cried Lily. I reversed it and pressed the button. I grabbed on Chase's back then Lily did too (it’s so we can run faster.) “GO GO GO GO GO GOOOOOOO!!!! Me and Lily yelled. We ran from the cave,from the forest,from a road,from a far away town AND WE WERE FINALLY HOME!

We escaped from the cave and the random weird person and the ghost and Chase is not tiny anymore…. WAYYYYYY MORE THAN YOU THINK!

Thalita Rocha


... A kid was coming in my class named Jesse he had a bag on his face. We were in college. The teacher was giving us jobs. Jesse was a janitor, Kristen was helper teacher. Kristen love Jesse so much. Jesse asked to go out a lot of times. Kristen asked to be his boyfriend. After college they were adults. She asked to take off the bag. He said, “No.” Both Jesse and Kristen got old. They were taking a walk in the woods. Kristen asked to take off the bag Jesse said “Yes”. She took off the bag, something happened to Kristen. Where is she?

Isabella Tokarz


... Max, Val, and I were trick-or-treating on Halloween. They went trick-or-treating in an apartment building . People were dressed as Wolf and Pennywise. Wolves were howling and Pennywise was dancing. Then the wolf said “Trick or Treat” and Pennywise said, “Trick or Treat.” Then Max and Val got candy.

Joshua Lopez-Zuniga


... It was a dark and stormy night. Brother Bob was checking out another structure with Chris, his brother. “Stay away!” Said a voice. Brother Bob heard it again. “Stay away!” I looked up and saw a figure blur in the sky. The next day Brother Bob sat next to Pearlsmydog3 in school. The school started to shake. Herobrien came out in the doorway. Brother Bob punched Herobrien and tackled Herobrien down the hill and both were never seen again.

Mason Lombardo


... Me and Camden went out to the graveyard. We looked around. We did not see anything. They went back inside. Crinkle crinkle screech. They heard it again. They went back inside. Ava saw one of the Jack-o-lanterns move its mouth. Ava and Camden got a baseball bat and whacked it at the Jack-o-lantern. The Jack-o-lantern said, you will pay for this! The light of the full moon made all of the Jack-o-lanterns turn alive. After that, nobody saw Ava and Camden again.

Avery Loconto


... I was in the graveyard and I walked upon a bone. I ate the bone and the people in tombs came alive and used karate to stop the enemies and put the people back underground. Then the wind was howling and the tall grass was swaying like a maniac and I knew someone was up to something.

Jay Keller


... Awawaroooo.

“Yes I did.” “Does it sound like a wolf?” “Yes it did.” “Because it is.” “I am a werewolf.” “ MUHAHAHAHA! I will eat you Annie.” She ran 25 feet. The werewolf came. She got Annie! Annie left a blood trail. She crossed a Jack-o-lantern. Then she was eaten. Annie survived but was never seen. One day each year she is seen all the time. Then she died. Because she was a vampire...

Torrie Brown


... No said Jim, you're probably dreaming. Yeah maybe, I said. Around 3 a.m., Karen heard this eerie sound coming from her dad's basement. As she went the basement, the doll maker shows up, but when she picked her up, she disappeared.

Daphne Croft


... to Randy and Elara. As we walked along in the dark woods of their backyard. They saw a shadow and heard a noise. It said, “Ooooh,,,so ghostly.”

They ran home and called each other to go back to investigate with their night vision goggles.

Back it was just their friend Parker trying to scare them.

Rylee Hotaling


... 1908-Paris, France “Did you hear that?” Phil asked. ”Yah,” said Kevin. They were in a haunted mansion on Spook Street. Phil and Kevin were friends since Pre K. Now they were on a mission to find out what was haunting the mansion. CREEEEEK! The noise came again. “It’s coming from down the hall,” said Phil. Kevin and Phil crept down the hall and peeked into the room. There was a rocking chair in the middle of the room that was rocking with no one on it.

"AHHHHHH!" screamed Kevin. "SHHHH!" said Phil. The rocking chair stopped rocking and Phil felt a rush of air go past.

An hour later, they were back at Phil’s house. “So you went outside to look at the mansion and did not ask me!" yelled their mom. "Sorry," said Phil. "We just wanted to look."

The next day they went to take another look. But when they got there, the mansion was gone! "What happened to it?" said Kevin. “Was it a magical house?” “No silly," said Phil. “There is no such thing as a magical house."

Just then the mansion appeared. It was like nothing had ever happened. "You sure there is no such thing as a magical house?" asked Kevin. Phil just stared at it. “Well we better go home.” said Kevin. “It’s almost time for lunch.”

Teddy Quinlan


... It was Oct. 31st, a full moon shone as Rickter Bellmont entered Dracula’s castle’s highest tower. 30 minutes later, Rickter entered the throne room. Dracula was waiting. Dracula and Rickter began to fight. After Dracula was defeated, Rickter disappeared! But Dracula’s son found a clue to where Rickter is…

Noah Sprague



“What was that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you think we should follow it?”

“Yes we should.”

Ch ch ch... We went to that noise. But nothing is there. “What do you think that was?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did you hear that?” Maxx asked.

“Yes. We need to run!”

Ch ch ch...

“Look it’s a vampire!” said Maxx.

lt’s just makeup that Xavier put on to look like a vampire.

Adam Bissett


...“Yes, it sounded like a clown.”

“Are you sure?”


Me and Torrie start to go farther into the fair.

We heard the clown count “1… 2… 3… 4… 5…”


We started to run. We were scared. We got on our bikes. We got home.

Autumn Bridleman


... Abby and Henry.

“No,” they said.

“Let's go trick or treating,” said Henry.

Abby said, “OK.”

“Ya,” said Chloe.

Then they all heard it.

“It’s a ghost!” cried Abby.

Abby, Chloe and Henry ran their legs off. They ran through the road and jumped into a nearby pond.

When they got out of the pond they see the ghost. It disappeared in the sunlight.

Brody Caron


... Seth.

He said, “no.”

l said, “tricked you!”

Jordan said, “Stop!”

I said to Lilly, Sarah and Olivia, “They are crazy!”

Then Carleigh and Olivia came. Then Lucy and Eva came. Then we all wanted trick-or-treating. But, the boys did not want to. They wanted to play with Legos.

I said, “Come,” but they did not.

But, later they came and we all went trick-or-treating.

Elena Gordon


... Mrs. Penney asked the class a riddle. The riddle is a spooky riddle. The riddle is about a ghost… The class turned and Mrs. Penney was gone…


The class jumped. Mrs. Penny scared the class.

The end.

Jordan Morrissey-Wilke


...One day me and my friends Ben and Leena went camping where Friday the 13th happened. One night, I heard a noise. It sounded like a chainsaw. Me and my friends looked out and Jason was there! We ducked back in the tent just as Jason swung. Then we grabbed water bottles and hit Jason until he retreated.

Kallen Brown


... Mrs. Penney and the class at school on Halloween night. We were playing Go Fish, when we heard the sound. We went downstairs into the cafeteria. We saw blood or ketchup. Then we saw the killer. We ran and Mrs. Penney got turned into a frog. Then we caught the killer and we called the cops. Then we had tacos.

Maiyah Swenson


... Adam and Maxx didn’t know what the sound was. They saw a bloody vampire. They were scared. Adam looked back and saw his face. The vampire was just Xavier wearing make-up.

Maxxamus Lopriore


... my little dog. She barked. Then the door opened. I was creeped out. And then a vampire, a ghost and Jason holding Mr. Brown. The vampire handed me a cheeseburger. The ghost handed me a iphoneXR. Mr. Brown stole the phone and watched YouTube with me. I figured out that Jason was right next to me. He hugged me for some reason. We all became best friends forever!

Leena Laino


... Zack.

“Hear what?”

“That noise? It is coming from downtown.”

“Let's go!”

Zack and I were face to face with a demon. We scared it off. We called our friends. Then we all held hands and closed our eyes and a portal opened. The demon was gone. Everyone remembers that day even me and Zack. It was two years ago.

Olivia Castellana


... On Halloween night there was a little girl that was trick or treating in the woods. She heard noises in a bush. But it was just a cat. The little girl was at a fair. Then she saw zombies, masked people and evil pumpkins. All of them were everywhere. The girl thought the pumpkins were just pumpkins but no…They were rude monsters.

Sophie Chila


... Maxx and my friends on Halloween night. We were in the school with a clown. The clown jumped out of a card and started to chase us. We ran as fast as we could until the clown stopped. He disappeared and showed up at the stairs. He started to climb the walls and then jumped down and stopped and looked at me. Then he disappeared.

Xavier Sanchez


... when I came into the house.

“It sounds like a spirit.”

Me and Misal went into the living room and saw Mr. Wiggles batting my keys.

“Stop Mr. Wiggles! Now or no food tonight!”

Mr. Wiggles stopped because cats like food. I took my keys and when I dropped them and Misal caught them and gave them to me. I went to the park.

Zack Reid