Editor's note: “Did you hear that?” I asked... Those were the words area second-, third- and fourth-graders were asked to use to start a ghost story of their own design. This story came from Clinton Elementary School, grade 3. Enjoy.


The Skeleton and the Dog

... as we walked up to the attic. My friend Matt growled. As we opened the attic door, a skeleton jumped out, screaming BOO! It tried to grab us, and the fright almost took our breath away. We were so scared, Matt’s fur turned white. But he lunged forward and took a femur, and the rest of the skeleton turned to dust. The end.

Charlotte Rose


... five years ago there was a rumor going around that Freddy Krueger was tormenting 29 people -  Nightmare on Elm Street - and then two years later he came back stronger than last time. This time he had a sharp silver and gold claw and tormenting 44 kids and grown ups.  And then three more years later ... read part 2

Michael Santiago


..."No what is it?" Bobby replied.

I told Bobby, "The beast!! You don't know the beast?!"

"What is the beast?" Bobby asked.

"It's furry, has claws and it preys on fish and mice. It has green eyes, a giant tail and gray pointy ears!" I exclaimed.

Bobby said, "Let me guess, is it your cat? Awww"

"No! It's you, you're a cat."

Zackary Tomacelli