BOLTON – The Nashoba Regional School District completed work on a contract for its Unit C workers in the spring, but it is still a work on progress, mainly for wording.

The contract covers most of the staff not covered by a Unit A pact, which includes teachers.

The Unit C contract covers food service, secretarial, instructional assistants, custodial and extended learning positions and provides for 2 percent increases each of the three years of the agreement.

Other changes include added tuition reimbursement and sick days, but the contract was reworked during the summer to improve language. Some of the changes were reformatting, according to Ann Marie Stoica, director of human resources.

“There is a re-formatting committee working on clearly delineating which provisions apply to which group(s). That committee won’t make any changes to the meaning of the contract, it will just be a reformatting for ease of use,” according to Stoica.