At the risk of sounding out of touch with mainstream America, I’m rather perplexed by terms people use today; they seem rather nonsensical. For instance, “throwing shade” - what the heck does that mean? Shade, as I recall, is something many of us seek on a warm summer day. However, the word has now taken on a whole new meaning as a subtle, sneering expression of contempt for or disgust with someone or something. How weird is that?

Obviously, using it in the wrong context would be rather embarrassing. Case in point: Chardonnay, the most popular white varietal in the world, deserves recognition. This versatile wine is produced in many different styles from regions around the globe. Therefore, I wouldn’t want to, as they say, throw shade on it. In fact, just the opposite is true.

With warmer weather right around the corner, a chilled glass of delicious chardonnay would seem appropriate. Below you’ll find a short list of terrific chardonnays that are available locally and certainly worthy of your consideration. Each wine is uniquely different in both style and taste, and best of all they pair well with food. So rather then throw shade, here’s an opportunity to shed light on wines that will please even the most discriminating palate. Cheers!

Stony Hill: 2017 “Spring Mountain” Chardonnay, California. Rich gold color with pear, green apple and almond flavors. Full-bodied and elegant with a clean, persistent finish. Aging potential, 5-8 years. $55

En Route: 2018 “Brumaire” Chardonnay, California. From the Russian River Valley a wine that brings floral aromas along with abundant green apple and lemon flavors that are nicely integrated. Sharp, crisp acidity and mineral notes round out the long aftertaste. $48

Landmark: 2018, “Overlook” Chardonnay, California. Green apple and pear flavors along with hints of butterscotch notes and caramel on the mid-palate. The finish is flavorful with clean, fresh acidity. $28

Talbott: 2017 Kali-Heart Chardonnay, California. Aromas of toffee, apples and dried pineapple. Medium body with fresh and clean flavors that are complemented by crisp acidity. $16

Wente: 2018 “Morning Fog” Chardonnay, California. Quit aromatic with citrus, lemon pear and toasty oak. This wine offers hints of vanilla and citrus on the palate and finishes with a crisp acidity. $15

Columbia: 2017 Chardonnay, Washington state. Apple and hints of tropical fruits that are nicely integrated along with notes of sweet vanilla and oak. Crisp and clean on the finish. $13

Lindemans: Bin 65 Chardonnay. Australia. Perfect everyday wine with a bright straw color along with aromas of peach, fig and toasty oak. Medium-bodied with a fresh, crisp finish. $9

Prosper Maufoux: 2017 Bourgogne, Santenay, France. Bright yellow in color with a smooth texture. On the palate, ripe red apple and pear are quite apparent. $19

Domaine Bousquet: 2017 Reserva Chardonnay, Argentina. Fresh aromas of tropical fruits with citrus and floral notes are perceived in the nose. On the palate, the wine shows concentrated notes of apple, peach and lime. $13

Frescobaldi: 2017 Pomino Bianco, Italy. Fresh pears and tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango. Upon entering the mouth, the wine is soft and enveloping and combines freshness with hints of mineral. $23

Wine of the Week: Seghesio, 2017 “Sonoma County” Zinfandel. Aromas of wild blueberry, briary raspberry and baking spice give way to ripe blackberry and black plum. Soft tannins and sharp acidity lead to a long finish. Pairs nicely with red sauces, pizza and grilled meats. $19