Listening to author and paranormal researcher Jeff Belanger’s Ted Talk, “History is a Ghost Story — The Haunted White House,” it’s easy to get wrapped up in his supernatural stories, not just because of the subject’s inherent creepiness, but because of the way he wraps the stories up in history. It makes it so that it doesn’t much matter if you believe in life after death, but you can become engrossed in the context of the ghost, in the idea of what a ghost IS. For Belanger, it’s more than just a scary tale, it’s “history demanding to be remembered, it’s the past coming to the present, and it’s a way for us living people to bond with each other, because we only share these stories with someone that we trust.”

What: “17 Ghosts and Legends” with paranormal researcher Jeff Belanger
When: 6:30 p.m. Oct. 17
Where: Boylston Public Library, 695 Main St., Boylston
How much: Free