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  • The Developmental Magic of Music and Children

    The Developmental Magic of Music and Children0

    By Melissa Shaw Seven pairs of parents and preschoolers stand in a circle — but not for long. Soon they’re pretending to be squirrels, digging, swinging their tails, hopping…and singing. At the direction of music educator Jan Barlow, the group quickly becomes ducklings, foreheads on the carpet, posteriors in air, mimicking ducks underwater. The group

  • Our Favorite September Family Products

    Our Favorite September Family Products0

    Provide old-school fun in a whole new way with the PinBox 3000 from the Cardboard Track Instantute. This DIY kit is the first tabletop pinball system made of recycled cardboard. Equal parts craft kit, creative canvas, and gaming fun, it takes about an hour to assemble the pre-cut pieces; all you need are two hands

  • Gas Up the Van! 62 Fall Fairs and Festivals on Tap

    Gas Up the Van! 62 Fall Fairs and Festivals on Tap0

    By Justine O’Brien Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to! Fall brings pretty leaves and cozy sweaters, as well as some of the most festive outdoor activities the season has to offer. Be sure to check out the websites of the events that interest you so your

  • Our Favorite August Family Products

    Our Favorite August Family Products0

    Send the kids back to school on a mission of kindness with this “Wonder” tote and pouch from Out of Print. Based on the smash middle-grade novel by R.J. Palacio, the 15”x17” tote features the main character, Auggie, a 10-year-old born with a facial deformity, on one side and the call, “Choose Kind,” on the

  • Composting 101: How Your Family Can Get Started

    Composting 101: How Your Family Can Get Started0

    By Michele Bennett Decoteau Starting a compost pile is a great way to go green and involve your kids in gardening. Not only is compost great for gardens and the environment, but it is also amazing for your child’s brain, too! Decomposition, the process of breaking down banana peels, coffee grounds, and eggshells into micronutrients

  • Let’s Go! Hidden Gems of the South Shore

    Let’s Go! Hidden Gems of the South Shore0

    By Alyson Young Gregory Photo by Liz West Whether it’s a day trip to escape the city swelter or an “on the way” trip to your long-awaited sojourn to the Cape, these hidden gems of the South Shore are worth taking your foot off the gas and pulling over for some old-fashioned family fun. Roll