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  • Back-to-School Tools for a Safe, Healthy Lunch1

    Now, sure, that lunchbox may be new right now, but it’s going to get gross in a hurry if food leaks out or is left behind, potentially resulting in mold, yeast, and non-food borne bacteria. Parents can keep the inside of lunchboxes healthy and safe by wiping them out every day with a General Purpose

  • Composting 101: How Your Family Can Get Started

    Composting 101: How Your Family Can Get Started1

    By Michele Bennett Decoteau Starting a compost pile is a great way to go green and involve your kids in gardening. Not only is compost great for gardens and the environment, but it is also amazing for your child’s brain, too! Decomposition, the process of breaking down banana peels, coffee grounds, and eggshells into micronutrients

  • Host Your Own In-Home Wine Tasting

    Host Your Own In-Home Wine Tasting1

    Kuvée, the first-of-its-kind wine system, features a bottle-shaped, Wi-Fi-enabled dispenser that not only pours your wine but also displays a host of information on your selection: pairing tips, information on winemakers and vineyards, and simple and clear tasting notes. Wine selections arrive in Kuvée’s airtight Fresh Pour bottles, which fit into the dispenser. When not