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  • Co-Parenting Children With Special Needs

    Co-Parenting Children With Special Needs0

    Millions of children with special needs are being co-parented in separate households after their parents separate or divorce. It’s tough enough going through divorce with a child, but if your child has special needs, the stakes skyrocket. While the typical parenting plans, including child custody and support, may work in some cases, each family —

  • Back to School & Co-Parenting Relationships

    Back to School & Co-Parenting Relationships0

    Getting children back to school is hard enough, but if you are co-parenting with a former spouse, even the simplest tasks can become difficult.   Here are nine tips for navigating back-to-school more comfortably for parents and — and most importantly — your child. 1.  Make sure your child knows that both parents will be

  • Co-Parenting Babies and Toddlers

    Co-Parenting Babies and Toddlers1

    Co-parenting after a separation or divorce can be challenging regardless of a child’s age, but it’s especially demanding during the stroller years — when you’re dealing with the physical and emotional needs of a baby, infant, or toddler. Until recently, the vast majority of children of this age lived primarily with their mothers. Courts relied

  • Co-Parenting During the Summer Months

    Co-Parenting During the Summer Months0

    School may not end until mid to late June, but it’s best to start planning for summer as early as possible to avoid being shut out of opportunities or creating conflicts with your co-parent over vacation days or family get-togethers. The first thing you should focus on is agreeing on how you are going to

  • How Co-Parents Can Teach Children Smart Financial Habits

    How Co-Parents Can Teach Children Smart Financial Habits0

    Teaching money management to children can be a challenge in and by itself, but add divorce and co-parenting to the mix, and it makes the job even tougher. While it can be difficult to consult with a former spouse — somebody you no longer share a life with — on every decision, the two of

  • Recommended Books for Children Encountering Divorce

    Recommended Books for Children Encountering Divorce0

    Whether it happens during the holiday season or early in the new year, thousands of children will find themselves experiencing unexpected life changes due to their parents’ divorce.     Age-appropriate books can help children — even teenagers — better understand what divorce means and cope with their feelings. Books can also give the entire family