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  • Common Misconceptions About Custody and Co-Parenting

    Common Misconceptions About Custody and Co-Parenting0

    Co-parenting is undoubtedly one of the most daunting challenges facing parents who are newly separated or divorced. And there also are several misconceptions about child custody and co-parenting that we’d like to help put to rest. Misconception #1 One of the biggest misconceptions is the continuing belief that judges automatically grant mothers full or primary

  • Co-parenting 101

    Co-parenting 1010

    If you’re newly separated or divorced, one of the biggest challenges you now face is the successful co-parenting of your children. Your marriage may be over, but your roles as Mom or Dad never end. You still need to provide daily care for your children and make decisions about their lives. Co-parenting isn’t easy, especially

  • New Year’s Resolution: Be a Better Co-Parent in 2017

    New Year’s Resolution: Be a Better Co-Parent in 20171

    This is the time of year people are making resolutions for the New Year. If you’re divorced or separated, one of the best resolutions you can make for yourself and your children is to commit to being a better co-parent. Think about it: Your children deserve to have a loving, respectful relationship with both of

  • Holiday Gift-Giving Tips for Co-Parents

    Holiday Gift-Giving Tips for Co-Parents1

    Gift-giving is often a part of holiday celebrations with family and friends. Your own family rituals and values often determine how gifts are exchanged, as well as the number and types of presents given, and the expense involved. After divorce, you and your child’s other parent may want to discuss how to handle gift-giving to

  • How to Prepare for Co-Parenting During the Holiday Season

    How to Prepare for Co-Parenting During the Holiday Season0

    Whether the focus is on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, or any religion-specific holidays or traditions, the season is fast approaching. While challenges come with the holidays, they are often intensified with divorced or separated families. It can be tough for children to cope; the thought of coming together as one big family is often tarnished;

  • Co-parenting and extracurricular activities

    Co-parenting and extracurricular activities1

    Whether parents have separated or divorced, parenting plans are essential documents in order to outline each of the co-parent’s rights and responsibilities as it relates to raising their children. Certain provisions — parenting time, pickups and drop-offs, and how the parents will address the physical, emotional, mental, and educational needs of the child — appear