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  • Keys to Finding the Right Camp for Children with Special Needs

    Keys to Finding the Right Camp for Children with Special Needs0

    Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire offer a variety of summer camp programs specifically designed for children with special needs. But those camps are not the only options. With a can-do attitude and proactive communication, parents can often create inclusive camp opportunities for a child with special needs in community and theme-based camp venues. When looking

  • 7 Considerations When Evaluating Camps

    7 Considerations When Evaluating Camps0

    Since childhood, I have spent my summers the exact same way — at my family’s soccer camp. My father started the camp in the late 1970s when I was a young child, and my sisters and I loved spending our summers on a soccer field with our family. The staff, which included our four uncles,

  • Camp Lightbulb Offer Shining Summer Experience for LGBT Youth

    Camp Lightbulb Offer Shining Summer Experience for LGBT Youth0

    It is held that the Pilgrims — fleeing religious persecution from Europe and seeking greater economic and personal liberty in the New World — landed first, not in Plymouth, but in Provincetown. Since that first dismissal from the Pilgrims, Provincetown has actively cultivated its image of a central depot welcoming those who deviate from the commonly

  • How Camps Welcome Transgender Youth

    How Camps Welcome Transgender Youth0

    Getting ready for summer camp is equally exciting and scary for most first-time campers, but add in being a transgender kid and the prospect can be quite daunting. That’s why many camps today are focusing on educating their staffs and providing simple accommodations to make the traditional summer experience a great one for transgender youth.

  • The Perfect Books For Summer Camp Fun

    The Perfect Books For Summer Camp Fun0

    There is many a novel about summer, but few about summer camp, a surprise when you think about the ever-growing middle-grade reader (ages 8-12) market. Playwright and lifelong summer camper and advocate Stacy Davidowitz is out to fill that gap with her first two novels, Camp Rolling Hills and its sequel, Camp Rolling Hills: Crossing

  • Who’s Missing Who?

    Who’s Missing Who?0

    Summer camp, whether day or sleep-away, likely marks the first time a child is in an entirely new environment and away from their home and family for an extended amount of time. Sure, the weather is generally pleasant, there’s probably swimming and camp fires galore, and camp counselors are, by nature, friendly and outgoing. However,