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  • Dealing With  Homesickness At Camp

    Dealing With Homesickness At Camp0

    By Christa Melnyk Hines  Worried that your child will suffer a serious hankering for home during his or her first camp experience this summer? While homesickness isn’t unusual, a proactive approach now can minimize the blues later. Work up to it. When her children were younger, Stephanie Maass says sleepovers with friends helped her sons,

  • Clear Your Mind of Clutter

    Clear Your Mind of Clutter0

    Minimalism Expert Rachel Jonat On How  Simple Intentions Can Benefit Your Mental Health By Joan Goodchild As an expert and sought-after speaker on the topic of minimalism, Rachel Jonat’s signature phrase on her blog, The Minimalist Mom, is “a rich life with less stuff.” But she’s evolved in her minimalist journey, which began in 2010

  • Could Avoiding Addiction be as Simple as Postponing Substance Use?

    Could Avoiding Addiction be as Simple as Postponing Substance Use?0

    By Joan Goodchild   The data on addiction growth in Massachusetts is clear: substance abuse, particularly when it comes to opioids, is increasing.     According to the state’s Department of Public Health, in 2000, about one-third of admissions to substance abuse treatment centers and programs were opioid related. By 2015, opioid-related admissions had increased

  • Empowering Teens through Smart Spending

    Empowering Teens through Smart Spending1

     Helping teens learn to handle money can be a tricky proposition. Mistakes can quite literally be costly, but there’s really no substitute for hands-on practice when it comes to managing finances.  Children are the ultimate investment, so teach your teen to be a smart spender with these savvy tips:  Start with saving. As a first

  • Girls Just Want to Have Likes?

    Girls Just Want to Have Likes?0

    By Joan Goodchild    As a life coach and parenting educator, Laurie Wolk repeatedly hears the same two questions at speaking engagements:   “How do we deal with our children using social media?” “I can’t get my kids off the phone. What do I do?”   “We need to stop focusing on the negative and how it’s

  • 6 Ways to Fight the Flu

    6 Ways to Fight the Flu0

    It’s an early and bad flu season. Be sure to rid your home of lingering germs that may be hiding in places you don’t expect. “I always recommend the flu shot – especially when officials are predicting a harsh flu season like this year – good nutrition and plenty of sleep, but there are other