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  • Common Misconceptions About Custody and Co-Parenting

    Common Misconceptions About Custody and Co-Parenting0

    Co-parenting is undoubtedly one of the most daunting challenges facing parents who are newly separated or divorced. And there also are several misconceptions about child custody and co-parenting that we’d like to help put to rest. Misconception #1 One of the biggest misconceptions is the continuing belief that judges automatically grant mothers full or primary

  • Kids and Screen Time: The Rules Just Changed

    Kids and Screen Time: The Rules Just Changed0

    In case you didn’t have enough to keep up with while raising your kids, the rules have changed when it comes to kids and screen time. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated its guidelines for 2017, giving parents new information on how to manage the amount of time kids spend in front of

  • 4 Ways to Rein In Kids’ Digital Manners

    4 Ways to Rein In Kids’ Digital Manners0

    One of the biggest challenges parents face today is tackling the issue of digital manners. People of all ages feel empowered by a level of anonymity and physical distance online, and as a result, emails, text messages, and communications on social media are often more harsh and degrading than what would be expressed in person.

  • How Children Can Learn to Regulate Emotions

    How Children Can Learn to Regulate Emotions0

    On a crisp spring afternoon, I watched Jacob and his dad playing soccer in the backyard through the window. The score was 5-5 — next goal wins. Jacob was between the goal posts, crouched and ready for Dad to take his shot. Dad faked left, then right, wound up for the kick, and shot the

  • A Simple Way to Help Preschoolers Follow Directions

    A Simple Way to Help Preschoolers Follow Directions0

    When I spend time with preschool-aged children, I am overjoyed by their interest in the world and their eagerness to share their experiences. Young children tend to have an intense focus that I wish I could recapture. It is usually refreshing to be in the presence of such focus, but there is a downside. Preschool-aged

  • The Truth Behind ‘Growing Pains’

    The Truth Behind ‘Growing Pains’0

    Several times a month, my 9-year-old complains of uncomfortable leg aches (but not pain) at bedtime. I’ve been telling her they’re “growing pains,” but it makes me wonder — what exactly are growing pains? Are there any signs I should look for to ensure it’s nothing more serious? How long do these go on for?