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  • Adoptive Families Together: A Support Network for Parents

    Adoptive Families Together: A Support Network for Parents1

    Ogres are like onions. Children are like onions. OK, perhaps it isn’t fair to compare children to green fairytale creatures. But, what wise Shrek was implying in his famous line from the animated classic is that ogres are complex creatures. Humans — children and adults — are complex, too. Layers of emotion, experience, subconscious, and

  • How Technology Has Impacted Adoption

    How Technology Has Impacted Adoption0

    As in nearly every other aspect of family life, the past 20 years has delivered major changes for the adoption community, from the double-edged sword of technology to identifying new communities of potential adoptive parents, to better understanding the support needs of children seeking forever homes and adoptive families. Lisa Funaro is executive director of the

  • Finally Forever

    Finally Forever0

    Are you an adoptive parent or considering adoption? Has your child reached adolescence or coming close to it? Here are some insights about parenting adolescents who have been adopted. Loss is always part of adoption. Regardless of circumstance or age, be it minutes or years old, the child who joins their family through adoption has

  • Massachusetts Author Pens Sweet Bedtime Book for Adopted Families

    Massachusetts Author Pens Sweet Bedtime Book for Adopted Families0

    Author Nancy Tupper Ling’s latest children’s book was, she admits, unexpected. “It was a surprise to me,” says the Massachusetts mother of two. “I was driving down the road and I thought, What if a child ended up on a parent’s doorstep? What kind of story would you tell your child as to how he

  • Have You Ever Thought About The Fact You’re Not Adopted?

    Have You Ever Thought About The Fact You’re Not Adopted?1

    Adoption — it touches me every single day. You see, three of my four children are adopted.  Perhaps you also have personal experience with adoption. The Donaldson Adoption Institute estimates that over 100 million people in the U.S. have a connection with adoption. Yet those who have been adopted, as well as the parents that brought

  • Bellingham Mom’s Adoption Story: Family Rediscovered, Redefined0

    A month after her 40th birthday, Tracey Myers of Bellingham opened a letter that changed the course of her life. Her birth mother was looking for her. What has followed over the past two years has been a story of long-awaited reunions, unconditional love, and self-discovery. This month marks National Adoption Month, a fitting time for this mom